IKELOS Weapons

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IKELOS Weapons
IKELOS Weapons icon.png
Season 19
Type Focused Umbral Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description An engram containing IKELOS v1.0.3 weapons.
Vendor Exo Frame

IKELOS Weapons is a Legendary Focused Umbral Engram from the Season of the Seraph.


This engram can be focused at the Exo Frame for 1 Umbral Engram icon.png Umbral Engram, text-center25, and 4 Resonate Stem icon2.jpg Resonate Stems. To purchase it, all engram contents must be unlocked in Collections.

This engram does not require the Season of the Seraph Season Pass to purchase. The IKELOS v1.0.3 weapons can be unlocked in Collections by using the Resonance Amp icon.jpg Resonance Amp to find Warmind Nodes.

Possible Rewards