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The term Quest Reward is often used to describe Weapons and Armor pieces which are guaranteed rewards from at least one Quest (of any type) or Adventure (items other than weapons and armor pieces may also be categorized as Quest Rewards). Though many of these items are not obtainable from other sources, this is not necessary for classification as a Quest Reward.

Usually, Quest Reward items have superior Attack/Defense compared to normal items at the time they are awarded, making them excellent for boosting Power while below the soft cap of 260. The remainder, Exotic Weapons and unique Legendary Weapons, have one-of-a-kind mechanics and/or built-in synergies with other Weapons.

Non-Exclusive Quest Rewards

Exotic Weapons and Armor pieces in this category, though they are Quest Rewards, can also be obtained randomly from all sources of generic Exotic equipment. They are only available to choose as a reward if they are not yet in the player's collection.

Sloane Quest Rewards (The Red War)

All armor pieces are generated with 100 base Defense but only require Level 4 to equip.




Asher Mir Quest Rewards (The Red War)

All weapons are generated with 150 base Attack and a Level requirement of 11.

Dynasty Quest Reward

  • Man o' War (can be purchased from Asher Mir after first acquisition)

Cayde-6 Quest Rewards (End of The Red War Campaign)

All of the Legendary weapons awarded by Cayde-6 are generated with 210 base Attack and a Legendary Weapon Mod. They can be obtained again from Gunsmith Engrams (?).

Ikora Rey Quest Rewards (End of Curse of Osiris Campaign)

  • Aeon Safe/Swift/Soul (only one of the three can be chosen per account)

Exclusive Quest Rewards

Weapons and armor pieces in this category cannot be obtained from Engrams of any type.

Unique Legendary Weapons

Exotic Weapons

Adventure-Specific Rewards


Rare Weapons

Rare Armor