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Raids are 6-player PvE activities with no matchmaking. Raid Lairs are raid-like activities designed to be as challenging, but take less time to complete. Everything that applies to raids works for raid lairs, as well.


Raids in Destiny 2 rely on complex mechanics which have to be solved through player communication and teamwork. The encounters are often divided into phases. One phase would require the players to do certain mechanics, another focuses purely on dealing damage. Sometimes players do not have to fight anything at all to complete an encounter. Equipment is not locked in raids, allowing the players to switch their gear for each encounter.

The players receive a reward after each encounter. Sometimes there are hidden chests, which can be opened for additional raid loot without having to fight anything. Lastly, there are challenge rewards that provide gear from an encounter during which the challenge was completed. Even though a raid can be completed multiple times a day, the player can get a reward from each encounter only once a week on each class.

Each week specific challenges become active in certain raids. The raid team has to meet a certain criteria while completing an encounter. The player has to obtain a weekly bounty from Suraya Hawthorne to be able to receive a reward for the challenge in the Last Wish raid, and it can be completed without any clanmate in the team. Garden of Salvation and Deep Stone Crypt challenges give loot without a bounty.

Player resurrection in raids works differently from other game modes. Starting from Forsaken each player has a single revive token, which can be seen in their bottom-right corner of the screen. Resurrecting a teammate consumes this token. If a teammate is not revived in 2:30 minutes, or the encounter is not completed in that time, the entire team dies, which is called a "wipe". When a teammate is resurrected, the timer stops without refreshing, and resumes with the next death. The revive timer refreshes only after a wipe. Prior to Forsaken, the entire raid team could revive people only five times during an encounter, with the time limit.

Encounters also feature wipe mechanics. Sometimes there is a time limit, sometimes the boss uses an ability that has to be interrupted or avoided, and sometimes there are certain debuffs that prevent the players from lingering in an encounter.

Guided Games

While there is no ordinary matchmaking in raids, the players can queue for Guided Games. The players can sign up for a guided raid as "Seekers" either solo or in a team of two. They will join a "Guide" group consisting of members of a certain clan. The Guides then lead their Seekers through the raid. Voice chat is mandatory in this mode. Queueing as a Seeker consumes a Raid Ticket, their amount is replenished weekly.

Clans that guide Seekers through raids gain Oathkeeper Score. In order to gain score, the clan should either finish the activity successfully, spend in there the minimum time specified in the Guided Game window, or disband the team when every player in the raid votes for leaving. They will lose score otherwise. Clans can also be reported by Seekers for offensive names and descriptions or for behaving offensively to the players.


Last Wish Raid banner.png Name: Last Wish
Location: Dreaming City
Bosses: Kalli, the Corrupted
Shuro Chi, the Corrupted
Morgeth, the Spirekeeper
Riven of a Thousand Voices
Enemies: Taken
Debut: Season of the Outlaw (Sept 14, 2018)
Garden of Salvation Raid banner.png Name: Garden of Salvation
Location: Moon
Bosses: Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent
Enemies: Vex
Debut: Season of the Undying (Oct 5, 2019)
Deep Stone Crypt Raid banner.png Name: Deep Stone Crypt
Location: Europa
Bosses: Atraks-1, Fallen Exo
Taniks, the Abomination
Enemies: Fallen
Debut: Season of the Hunt (Nov 21, 2020)

Vaulted Raids

Leviathan Raid banner.png Name: Leviathan
Location: Nessus Orbit
Boss: Emperor Calus
Enemies: Cabal
Debut: Destiny 2 (Sep 13, 2017)
Leviathan, Eater of Worlds Raid banner.png Name: Leviathan, Eater of Worlds
Location: Nessus Orbit
Boss: Argos, Planetary Core
Enemies: Cabal, Vex
Debut: Curse of Osiris (Dec 6, 2017)
Leviathan, Spire of Stars Raid banner.png Name: Leviathan, Spire of Stars
Location: Nessus Orbit
Boss: Val Ca'uor
Enemies: Cabal
Debut: Warmind (May 11, 2018)
Scourge of the Past Raid banner.png Name: Scourge of the Past
Location: Earth
Bosses: Ablazed Glory, Kell's Scourge
Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge
Enemies: Fallen
Debut: Season of the Forge (Dec 7, 2018)
Crown of Sorrow Raid banner.png Name: Crown of Sorrow
Location: Nessus Orbit
Bosses: Gahlran's Deception
Gahlran, the Sorrow-Bearer
Enemies: Hive
Debut: Season of Opulence (June 4, 2019)

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