Invitation of the Nine

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Glass and Time icon.png This page describes content which is not available in the game.
"Invitation of the Nine" was moved into the Destiny Content Vault in Beyond Light season icon.pngBeyond Light.
The Invitations of the Nine are special non-repeatable bounties added in the Season of the Drifter.


Xûr sells a single Invitation each week, for up to nine weeks, for Legendary shards icon1.png9 each. These bounties do not have a time limit, but the player cannot buy them if they have one in their quest log or have already completed an Invitation this week. The bounties have a fixed order, and Xûr sells the next one only after the previous has been completed.

Each Invitation except for the last one sends the player to a certain destination, where they have to complete a specified strike and defeat enemies of a defined race to collect samples. Death sends the player into the Crucible. Once the objectives are complete, the player is able to visit the Mystery and Potential activity on the Gambit director where they can learn a bit about the Nine and loot the reward chest. Completing Invitations of the Nine rewards the player with entries from the Ecdysis lore book, as well.


  1. The World
  2. Justice
  3. The High Priestess
  4. The Magician
  5. Strength
  6. The Twins
  7. The Tower
  8. The Hanged Man
  9. Death


  • Strength requires the player to collect Hive samples on Mercury. These can be found only in the Infinite Forest, which is not available outside of certain activities. The player is guaranteed to encounter Hive in the Bug in the System adventure and Omega story mission. If already completed, Bug in the System can be replayed as a daily heroic adventure when Mercury is the Flashpoint, and Omega can be replayed as a daily heroic story mission on the Vanguard director.
  • The Tower requires the player to collect Vex samples on the Tangled Shore. These can be found only in the Warden of Nothing strike.
  • The Invitations are named after Major Arcana, the trump cards of the tarot decks.
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