Season 8 Quests

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A Futile SearchA futile search icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
A Giant's MightJötunn icon1.jpgExotic1JötunnAda-1
A Loud RacketFirst impressions icon1.jpgLegendary2EdgewiseCommander Zavala
A Loyal FriendA true believer icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
A Mysterious Disturbance (Quest)A mysterious disturbance icon1.jpgLegendary2
A New Frontier (Quest)A new frontier icon1.jpgLegendary3Fast TrackDevrim Kay
A True BelieverA true believer icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Above the WavesAbove the waves icon1.jpgLegendary2Pribina-DSloane
Adonna's QuestAdonna's quest icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Arsenal of OdditiesNew Light mission.jpgLegendary1Banshee-44
Back from the DarkBack from the dark icon1.jpgLegendary19Eris Morn
Butterfly's GraceLe monarque icon1.jpgExotic1Le MonarqueAda-1
Clean GetawayGhosting icon1.jpgLegendary2Exit StrategyThe Drifter
Conquer and AcquireConquer and acquire icon1.jpgLegendary2Ana Bray
Conquer the LeviathanConquer the leviathan icon1.jpgLegendary2Suraya Hawthorne
Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
Daily BusinessDaily business icon1.jpgLegendary10Upgrade ModuleMaster Rahool
Dark DreamsDark dreams icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Data Seed: Hand CannonData input (hand cannon) icon1.jpgLegendary2OptativeIkora Rey
Data Seed: Pulse RifleData input (pulse rifle) icon1.jpgLegendary2AdhortativeIkora Rey
Data Seed: Scout RifleData input (scout rifle) icon1.jpgLegendary2ImperativeIkora Rey
Data Seed: Submachine GunData input (submachine gun) icon1.jpgLegendary2SubjunctiveIkora Rey
Divine FragmentationWhat's this... what's this? icon1.jpgExotic4Divinity
Echo of the Great DisasterEcho of the great disaster icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Edge of DarknessEdge of darkness icon1.jpgLegendary5Absolute/MNThe Drifter
Essence of AnguishEssence of anguish icon1.jpgLegendary3Dreambane Greaves
Dreambane Strides
Dreambane Boots
Lectern of Enchantment
Essence of BrutalityEssence of brutality icon1.jpgLegendary2Loud LullabyLectern of Enchantment
Eris Morn
Essence of DespairEssence of despair icon1.jpgLegendary3Dreambane Mark
Dreambane Cloak
Dreambane Bond
Lectern of Enchantment
Eris Morn
Essence of EnvyEssence of envy icon1.jpgLegendary2PremonitionLectern of Enchantment
Essence of FailureEssence of failure icon1.jpgLegendary2Arc LogicLectern of Enchantment
Essence of FearEssence of fear icon1.jpgLegendary2Dreambane Plate
Dreambane Vest
Dreambane Robes
Lectern of Enchantment
Essence of GreedEssence of greed icon1.jpgLegendary2A Fine MemorialLectern of Enchantment
Essence of InsanityEssence of insanity icon1.jpgLegendary2Love and DeathLectern of Enchantment
Essence of IsolationEssence of isolation icon1.jpgLegendary2Dreambane Gauntlets
Dreambane Grips
Dreambane Gloves
Lectern of Enchantment
Essence of JealousyEssence of jealousy icon1.jpgLegendary2Night TerrorLectern of Enchantment
Essence of ObscurityEssence of obscurity icon1.jpgLegendary2Every Waking MomentLectern of Enchantment
Essence of PrideEssence of pride icon1.jpgLegendary2Dreambane Helm
Dreambane Cowl
Dreambane Hood
Lectern of Enchantment
Essence of RageEssence of rage icon1.jpgLegendary2One Small StepLectern of Enchantment
Essence of ServitudeEssence of servitude icon1.jpgLegendary2Dream BreakerLectern of Enchantment
Essence of VanityEssence of vanity icon1.jpgLegendary3TranquilityLectern of Enchantment
Explore the EDZExplore the edz icon1.jpgLegendary8Ikora Rey
Festival of the LostFestival of the lost icon1.pngUnknown5Amanda Holliday
First Crota Team's FallenFirst crota team's fallen icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
First StrikeFirst strike icon1.jpgLegendary5Heraldic ShellCommander Zavala
Friendly Greeting ProtocolFriendly greeting protocol icon1.jpgLegendary2Buffer OverflowFailsafe
Homecoming (Quest)Hope icon1.jpgLegendary30Amanda Holliday
In Search of Answers (Quest)In search of answers icon1.jpgLegendary19Eris Morn
Key of Light and DarknessBroken awoken talisman icon1.jpgLegendary8Petra Venj
Live-Fire ExercisesLive-fire exercises icon1.pngUnknown2
Lumina (Quest)The tribute hall icon2.jpgExotic1Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
Main Quest: New LightEscape the cosmodrome icon1.jpgLegendary21
Make Bows, Not WarThe back way icon1.jpgExotic7Leviathan's BreathBanshee-44
Malfeasance (Quest)Malfeasance icon1.jpgExotic1MalfeasanceThe Drifter
Mars AttackMars attack icon1.jpgLegendary2Guardian PinkAna Bray
Memory of Eriana-3Memory of eriana-3 icon1.jpgLegendary4Eris Morn
Memory of Omar AgahMemory of omar agah icon1.jpgLegendary4Eris Morn
Memory of Sai MotaMemory of sai mota icon1.jpgLegendary4Eris Morn
Memory of Toland, the ShatteredMemory of toland, the shattered icon1.jpgLegendary4Eris Morn
Memory of Vell TarloweMemory of vell tarlowe icon1.jpgLegendary4Eris Morn
Mercury RisingMercury rising icon1.jpgLegendary2Zenobia-DBrother Vance
Misplaced TrustMisplaced trust icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Odd JobsOdd jobs icon1.jpgLegendary2Elegy-49Asher Mir
Outlaws and BadlandsOutlaws and badlands icon1.jpgLegendary2Wise Owl ProjectionSpider
Pain and GainJoy in suffering icon1.jpgExotic3Riskrunner
Riskrunner Catalyst
Prime ExamplePrime example icon1.pngLegendary1Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
Reach Power Level 900Reach power level 900 icon1.jpgLegendary4Master Rahool
Reconnaissance by FireField of view icon1.jpgLegendary2Randy's Throwing KnifeLord Shaxx
Scour the RustSpectacle icon1.jpgLegendary6Lord Saladin
Season 8: Battle DrillsWarming up icon1.jpgLegendary35 Crucible Lazurite
5 Crucible Vermillion
Burnished Blade
Lord Shaxx
Season 8: First WatchStand guard icon1.jpgLegendary35 Vanguard Stratosphere
5 Vanguard Angelos
Timeless Vigil
Commander Zavala
Season 8: Keepin' OnStill at large icon1.jpgLegendary35 Gambit Emerald
5 Gambit Celadon
Living Vestige
The Drifter
Shady SchemesShady schemes icon1.pngUnknown2
Spare PartsSpare parts icon1.pngUnknown2
Speak to Amanda HollidaySpeak to amanda holliday icon1.jpgLegendary1
Symphony of DeathFaculties of the skull icon1.jpgExotic7DeathbringerEris Morn
Technical KnockoutBob and weave icon1.jpgLegendary2Banshee-44
Tex Mechanica Tournament (New Light)Tex mechanica tournament icon1.jpgExotic1Lord Shaxx
The Deepening WakeThe Deepening Wake icon1.jpgLegendary2Pit of Heresy
The Greatest SacrificeThe greatest sacrifice icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
The JourneyThe Journey icon.jpgExotic6Xenophage
The Tribute Hall (Season 8)The tribute hall icon2.jpgExotic1Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
The Undying Comes to EververseThe undying comes to eververse icon1.pngUnknown3Nostalgic Engram
The Vex OffensiveThe vex offensive icon1.jpgLegendary1
The Vow (quest)An education icon1.jpgExotic3Eriana's Vow CatalystBanshee-44
This Enchanted RealmThis enchanted realm icon1.jpgLegendary2Reverie Dawn Plate
Reverie Dawn Hauberk
Reverie Dawn Tabard
Petra Venj
Together Forever (Quest)Together forever icon1.jpgLegendary1Eris Morn
Training GroundTraining ground icon1.jpgLegendary5Legendary EngramLord Shaxx
Truth (Quest)The tribute hall icon2.jpgExotic1Werner 99-40
Benedict 99-40
Vanguard ServiceVanguard service icon1.pngUnknown2
Vex InvasionEmergent protocol icon1.jpgLegendary410 Vex Mind Components
Powerful Gear (Tier 1)
Ikora Rey
Wish-Ender (Quest)Wish-ender icon2.jpgExotic1Petra Venj
Worlds to ExploreWorlds to explore icon1.jpgLegendary2Cache of ResourcesIkora Rey
Zavala RecruitsZavala recruits icon1.jpgLegendary6Commander Zavala

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