Reconnaissance by Fire

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Reconnaissance by Fire
Field of view icon1.jpg
Season 8
Type Quest
Rarity Legendary
Steps 2
Vendors Lord Shaxx
Rewards Randy's Throwing Knife

Reconnaissance by Fire is a Legendary Quest.

1. Field of View


Complete the following objectives in Crucible matches to receive the Kinetic Scout Rifle "Randy's Throwing Knife." Multikills grant the most efficient progress toward Scout Rifle final blows.

"Vision is knowledge; knowledge is strength; strength is exhilarating. Feast your eyes on the battlefield, Guardian." —Lord Shaxx


  • Scout Rifle Final blows: 450
  • Glory earned: 2100
  • Enemies defeated and medals: 14000


  • Losing Glory does not deduct progress.
  • Rapid multi-kills with Scout Rifles and "Cold Fusion" Medals give the most progress towards the third objective.

2. Eagle Eye


Return to Lord Shaxx in the Tower.


  • Visit Lord Shaxx: 1


Randy's throwing knife icon1.jpg
Kinetic Randy's Throwing Knife
Primary ammo Scout Rifle

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