Umbral Engram (Season 11)

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Umbral Engram (Season 11)
Umbral Engram icon.png
Type Engram
Rarity Legendary
Description A mysterious engram that contains a wide variety of Legendary gear. Its contents are susceptible to influence.

Umbral Engram is a version of the Legendary Engram that can be obtained in the Season of Arrivals. They can be opened only at the Umbral Decoder.


Players can get Umbral Engrams as a reward for any in-game activity, such as Crucible matches, and as a random drop from enemies.


Umbral Engrams share their contents with ordinary Legendary Engrams, but can be focused at the Prismatic Recaster to choose what they will contain. Recaster Umbral Enhancement upgrades allow Umbral Engrams to drop Shaders and Exotic gear.

Rifle-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Rifle-Focused Umbral Engram

False promises icon1.jpg Kinetic False Promises
Primary ammo Auto Rifle
Hollow words icon1.jpg Arc Hollow Words
Special ammo Fusion Rifle

Rifle-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Edge-Focused Umbral Engram

Whispering slab icon1.jpg Kinetic Whispering Slab
Primary ammo Combat Bow
Temptation's hook icon1.jpg Arc Temptation's Hook
Heavy ammo Sword

Rifle-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Arrival-Focused Umbral Engram

Requires owning both Season Pass weapons to generate.

Cold denial icon1.jpg Kinetic Cold Denial
Primary ammo Pulse Rifle
Falling guillotine icon1.jpg Void Falling Guillotine
Heavy ammo Sword

Worthy-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Worthy-Focused Umbral Engram

Seventh seraph vy-7 icon1.jpg Arc Seventh Seraph VY-7
Primary ammo Submachine Gun
Seventh seraph cqc-12 icon1.jpg Solar Seventh Seraph CQC-12
Special ammo Shotgun

Dawn-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Dawn-Focused Umbral Engram

Breachlight icon1.jpg Kinetic Breachlight
Primary ammo Sidearm
Martyr's retribution icon1.jpg Solar Martyr's Retribution
Special ammo Grenade Launcher

Undying-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Undying-Focused Umbral Engram

Optative icon1.jpg Void Optative
Primary ammo Hand Cannon
Temporal clause icon1.jpg Void Temporal Clause
Heavy ammo Machine Gun

Contrast-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Contrast-Focused Umbral Engram

Lonesome icon1.jpg Kinetic Lonesome
Primary ammo Sidearm
Bad omens icon1.jpg Void Bad Omens
Heavy ammo Rocket Launcher

Contrast-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Lead-Focused Umbral Engram

Night watch icon1.jpg Kinetic Night Watch
Primary ammo Scout Rifle
Gnawing hunger icon1.jpg Void Gnawing Hunger
Primary ammo Auto Rifle

Assassin-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Assassin-Focused Umbral Engram

Berenger's memory icon1.jpg Void Berenger's Memory
Heavy ammo Grenade Launcher
Ikelos sr v1.0.2 icon1.jpg Solar IKELOS_SR_v1.0.2
Special ammo Sniper Rifle

Assassin-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png CQC-Focused Umbral Engram

First in, last out icon1.jpg Arc First In, Last Out
Special ammo Shotgun
Ikelos smg v1.0.2 icon1.jpg Arc IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.2
Primary ammo Submachine Gun

Improved Armor Focusing guarantees that the focused Engram will contain a piece of armor from the Holdfast set with at least 10 points in the chosen stat.

  • Discipline-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Discipline-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's will and focus.
  • Intellect-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Intellect-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's mind and wits.
  • Mobility-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Mobility-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's speed and agility.
  • Recovery-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Recovery-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's tenacity and renewal.
  • Resilience-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Resilience-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's grit and toughness.
  • Strength-Focused Umbral Engram icon.png Strength-Focused Umbral Engram — Armor specially tuned to enhance the wearer's power and physique.