Traveler's Chosen (Homecoming)

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Traveler's Chosen
Travelers chosen icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Sidearm
Slot Kinetic
Rarity Common
Damage Type Kinetic
Archetype Adaptive
Description A City-made sidearm, built for those chosen by the Traveler to become Guardians.
Impact 49
Range 41
Stability 65
Handling 54
Reload Speed 40
Rounds Per Minute 300
Magazine 15
Zoom 12
Inventory Size 44
Aim Assistance 77
Recoil 85
Bounce Intensity 15
Bounce Direction Tends Vertical
See also: Traveler's Chosen

Traveler's Chosen is a Common Sidearm.

Perks - Curated Roll


Sight / Barrel

  • Control sas icon1.png QuickDot SAS - Agile Sidearm sight.
    • Greatly increases handling speed
    • Slightly increases stability


This was the starting weapon during the Homecoming Story Mission prior to New Light, it used to turn into the Traveler's Chosen (Damaged) after the mission. Season of Arrivals reintroduced it as an Exotic Weapon.


Traveler's Chosen1.jpg

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