Gift of the Thunder Gods

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Cayde's Last Stand icon.png This page describes content which has been removed from the game.
"Gift of the Thunder Gods" was removed from Destiny 2 in the Season of the Seraph icon.png Season of the Seraph.
Gift of the Thunder Gods
Gift of the Thunder Gods banner.jpg
Name Gift of the Thunder Gods
Title Limited Offer
Location H.E.L.M.
Description From fields afar they call to you. The voices are thunder, the offer is power. Claim these gifts and wield the storm.

Gift of the Thunder Gods is a vendor added during the Season of Plunder. It is a chest that appears in the H.E.L.M. It was available until the end of the Season, and was removed from the game after the start of the Season of the Seraph.[1]


  • H.E.L.M. – Near the landing zone, in the corner between the entrance to the Wing of the Haunted and the hallway leading to the Star Chart and War Table.


This chest is intended to help new and returning players catch up by rewarding them with a set of Exotic and Legendary gear that allows them to boost their Power Level up to at least 1540. These items can be claimed once per character, with different armor items rewarded for each class. These rewards are free for all players.[1]

All weapons have pre-determined perks, and all armor items have pre-determined stat rolls. The armor items have each been upgraded to 8 Energy and come with an Armor Mod pre-loaded. The mods are meant to facilitate a Charged with Light build. Obtaining this armor also appears to unlock the equipped mods in Collections, allowing them to be used on other pieces of armor.

When all items have been claimed from the chest on the current character, it will disappear from the H.E.L.M. Other characters will still be able to claim their items.


Weapons have the same pre-determined perk rolls on each class, and can be claimed once on each character.

Titan Rewards



Hunter Rewards



Each armor item in this set has the Tangled rust icon1.jpg Tangled Rust shader applied to it. However, dismantling the armor does not appear to reward the shader.

Warlock Rewards




  • If the character's average Power level (based on the gear in their inventory and Vault) is higher than 1540, then the items will be rewarded at that level.
  • Despite its removal in the Season of the Seraph, this vendor could still be seen in the Destiny 2 Companion app.



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