Chambered Compensator

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Chambered Compensator
Chambered compensator icon1.png
Type Barrels
Stability 10
Handling -5
Description Stable barrel attachment. Increases stability. Improves recoil direction. Slightly decreases handling speed.
Auto Rifles Prosecutor, Null Calamity 9, The Last Breath, Prometheus Lens (Trace)
Hand Cannons Sunshot
Pulse Rifles Inaugural Address, Relentless, Machina Dei 4
Scout Rifles The End
Submachine Guns Red Mamba, Mob Justice, Adjudicator, Radiant Stardust, Sol Pariah 6
Fusion Rifles Merciless, Crooked Fang-4fr (Linear), Dead-Ender (Linear)
Shotguns A Sudden Death
Sniper Rifles The Long Walk

Chambered Compensator is a Weapon Perk.

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