Ricochet Rounds

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Ricochet Rounds
Ricochet rounds icon1.png
Type Magazines
Range 5
Stability 10
Description Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. Increases stability. Slightly increases range.
Auto Rifles Refrain-23, Martyr's Make, Galliard-42, The Number, Loquitor IV, Hollow Earth
Hand Cannons Minuet-12, Allegro-34, Jack Queen King 3
Pulse Rifles Nergal PR4, Eystein-D, Impromptu-49
Sidearms Dissonance-34, Athelflad-D, Last Hope, Controlling Vision, The Fool's Remedy, Swift Solstice
Submachine Guns Antiope-D, Sondok-C, Foggy Notion, Sol Pariah 6
Sniper Rifles Elegy-49, Troubadour, Tongeren-LR3, Shepherd's Watch, Veleda-D, The Mornin' Comes

Ricochet Rounds is a Magazine Perk.

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