Season 12 Quests

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A Guardian RisesAwakening icon1.jpgLegendary21
A Hard Rain FallsA hard rain falls icon1.jpgLegendary2High AlbedoCampaigns
Exo Stranger
A Spark of HopePower from the past icon1.jpgExotic7Riskrunner
Riskrunner Catalyst
Commander Zavala
And to All a Good FlightAnd to all a good flight icon1.jpgExotic14Dawning Mirth
Exotic Ship Upgrade - Engine
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Ingredients Galore
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Shader
Starfarer 7M Upgrade - Transmat Effect
Eva Levante
Anomalous ObjectAnomalous object icon1.jpgLegendary2XP
Legendary Engram
As the Crow FliesAs the crow flies icon1.jpgExotic6Exotic
Ascendant HunterAscendant hunter icon1.jpgLegendary4The Crow
Aspect of ControlAspect of control icon1.jpgLegendary2Cryoclasm
Iceflare Bolts
Exo Stranger
Aspect of DestructionAspect of destruction icon1.jpgLegendary2Frostpulse
Tectonic Harvest
Winter's Shroud
Exo Stranger
Balistraria WrapBalistraria wrap icon1.jpgLegendary2Balistraria Wrap (Ornament)
Consequence of Duty
Commander Zavala
Ritual Playlists
Bird of PreyLet loose thy talons icon1.jpgExotic3Radiant AccipiterThe Crow
Blast from the PastResearch assistant icon1.jpgExotic8The ChaperoneShaw Han
Born in DarknessBorn in darkness icon1.jpgLegendary5Remnants of DarknessCampaigns
Exo Stranger
Born in Darkness Part 2Born in darkness part 2 icon1.jpgLegendary5Duskfield GrenadeCampaigns
Exo Stranger
Born in Darkness Part 3Born in darkness part 3 icon1.jpgLegendary5Coldsnap GrenadeCampaigns
Exo Stranger
Born in Darkness Part 4Born in darkness part 4 icon1.jpgLegendary5Remnants of DarknessCampaigns
Exo Stranger
Collectible Detector ICollectible detector i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Collectible Detector IICollectible detector ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Collectible Detector IIICollectible detector iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Crucible in Your SightsPath of the crucible icon1.jpgLegendary4AdoredBanshee-44
Darkness's Doorstep (Quest)Darkness's doorstep icon1.jpgLegendary1Commander Zavala
Deadly VenaticsDeadly venatics icon1.pngUnknown2Hunting Raiment
Pinnacle Gear
Powerful Gear (Tier 3)
Empire Hunt IEmpire hunt i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Empire Hunt IIEmpire hunt ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Empire Hunt IIIEmpire hunt iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Empire's FallSabotaging the empire icon1.jpgLegendary4Variks the Loyal
Europa ArmsEuropa arms icon1.jpgLegendary2Crystocrene Gauntlets
Crystocrene Grips
Crystocrene Gloves
Variks the Loyal
Europa Auto RifleEuropa auto rifle icon1.jpgLegendary2Arctic HazeVariks the Loyal
Europa ChallengeEuropa challenge icon1.jpgUnknown2
Europa Challenges IEuropa challenges i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Europa Challenges IIEuropa challenges ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Europa Challenges IIIEuropa challenges iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Europa ChestEuropa chest icon1.jpgLegendary2Crystocrene Plate
Crystocrene Vest
Crystocrene Robes
Variks the Loyal
Europa ClassEuropa class icon1.jpgLegendary2Crystocrene Mark
Crystocrene Cloak
Crystocrene Bond
Variks the Loyal
Europa HelmEuropa helm icon1.jpgLegendary2Crystocrene Helm
Crystocrene Cowl
Crystocrene Hood
Variks the Loyal
Europa LegsEuropa legs icon1.jpgLegendary2Crystocrene Greaves
Crystocrene Strides
Crystocrene Boots
Variks the Loyal
Europa Pulse RifleEuropa pulse rifle icon1.jpgLegendary2Hailing ConfusionVariks the Loyal
Europa Rewards IEuropa rewards i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Europa Rewards IIEuropa rewards ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Europa Rewards IIIEuropa rewards iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Europa Rocket LauncherEuropa rocket launcher icon1.jpgLegendary2Subzero SalvoVariks the Loyal
Europa ShotgunEuropa shotgun icon1.jpgLegendary2BonechillerVariks the Loyal
Europa SidearmEuropa sidearm icon1.jpgLegendary2High AlbedoVariks the Loyal
Europan Explorer IEuropan explorer i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Europan Explorer IIEuropan explorer ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Europan Explorer IIIEuropan explorer iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Europan Gear IEuropan gear i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Europan Gear IIEuropan gear ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Europan Gear IIIEuropan gear iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Europan Protector IEuropan protector i icon1.jpgUncommon2Variks the Loyal
Europan Protector IIEuropan protector ii icon1.jpgRare2Variks the Loyal
Europan Protector IIIEuropan protector iii icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
Exo Stranger ChallengeExo stranger challenge icon1.jpgUnknown2
Gambit in Your SightsPath of gambit icon1.jpgLegendary4AdoredBanshee-44
Gazing Into The AbyssGazing into the abyss icon1.jpgLegendary2Sentinel's Shove
Stalker's Shot
New Subclass: Nightstalker
New Subclass: Sentinel
Ikora Rey
Hunt for the WrathbornHunt for the wrathborn icon1.jpgLegendary1The Crow
Hunter and the HuntedHunter and the hunted icon1.jpgLegendary2Quest Archive
Legacy: ForsakenLegacy forsaken icon1.jpgLegendary2The Past
Let Loose Thy TalonsLet loose thy talons icon1.jpgExotic10HawkmoonExotic
The Crow
Light ReforgedLight reforged icon1.jpgLegendary5XP
Legendary Engram
Lord Shaxx
Lost LamentLocate dead exos icon1.jpgExotic11The LamentBanshee-44
Old Secrets, New ChallengesOld secrets, new challenges icon1.jpgLegendary2Variks the Loyal
On the OffensiveOn the offensive icon1.jpgLegendary4XP
Legendary Engram
Commander Zavala
Ornamental ContainerOrnamental container icon1.jpgLegendary1Storm's Surge
Strider's Slash
Striker's Slam
Quid Pro QuoQuid pro quo icon1.jpgLegendary5XP
Legendary Engram
The Drifter
Reclaiming EuropaReclaiming europa icon1.jpgLegendary3Campaigns
Commander Zavala
Restless SlumberRestless slumber icon1.jpgLegendary3Charge of Light-Tier I
Legendary Engram
Petra Venj
Riding the StormRiding the storm icon1.jpgLegendary2Storm's Surge
Strider's Slash
New Subclass: Arcstrider
New Subclass: Stormcaller
Ikora Rey
Rubicund WrapRubicund wrap icon1.jpgLegendary2Rubicund Wrap (Ornament)
Victory's Wreath
Lord Shaxx
Ritual Playlists
Share the Dawning SpiritShare the dawning spirit icon1.jpgExotic10Overflowing Dawning Presents
Generous Dawning Presents
Adequate Dawning Presents
Modest Dawning Presents
Meager Dawning Present
Eva Levante
Slaying DragonsSlaying dragons icon1.jpgLegendary61530 Centigrade
Marble Effigy
Lord Saladin
Snakeskin WrapSnakeskin wrap icon1.jpgLegendary2Snakeskin Wrap (Ornament)
Live for the Hustle
The Drifter
Ritual Playlists
SoonBlueprint compilation icon1.jpgExotic4No Time to Explain CatalystExo Stranger
Stoking The FlameStoking the flame icon1.jpgLegendary2Blade's Blast
Breaker's Blaze
New Subclass: Sunbreaker
New Subclass: Dawnblade
Ikora Rey
Strikes in Your SightsPath of the vanguard icon1.jpgLegendary4AdoredBanshee-44
The Cryptolith LureThe cryptolith lure icon1.jpgLegendary5The Crow
The Dark Priestess (Quest)Collecting darkness icon1.jpgLegendary4Biting WindsVariks the Loyal
The New Kell (Quest)The new kell icon1.jpgLegendary34Variks the Loyal
The Stasis PrototypeThe Stasis Prototype icon1.jpgExotic7Salvation's GripThe Drifter
The Technocrat (Quest)Reverse engineering icon1.jpgLegendary4Coriolis ForceVariks the Loyal
The Warrior (Quest)Close combat icon1.jpgLegendary4Thermal ErosionVariks the Loyal
Timeless VictoryTimeless victory icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Trials AccessEntry pending icon1.jpgLegendary2Trials of Osiris accessSaint-14
Umbral ConflictUmbral conflict icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral ConquestUmbral conquest icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral DutyUmbral duty icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral FlamesUmbral flames icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral HungerUmbral hunger icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral IncursionsUmbral incursions icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral InfiltrationUmbral infiltration icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral PlunderUmbral plunder icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral RichesUmbral riches icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral SchemesUmbral schemes icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Umbral StrifeUmbral strife icon1.jpgLegendary1Memory FragmentExo Stranger
Vanguard CommunicationsSeason of the Hunt icon.png1Fang of Xivu Arath
Walk the LineSo very thin icon1.jpgExotic2Duality CatalystBanshee-44
XenologyA question icon1.jpgExotic2Exotic CipherXûr

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