Umbral Flames

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Umbral Flames
Umbral flames icon1.jpg
Season 12
Type Quest Step
Rarity Legendary
Steps 1
Vendors Exo Stranger
Rewards Memory Fragment

Umbral Flames is a Legendary Quest. It is one of the four Vanguard Fragment Quests randomly offered by the Exo Stranger.

1. Fire and Ice


Complete the listed objectives in strikes.

"How many Humans were killed by Stasis in the Collapse? And now we're supposed to feel okay using it?" —Shaw Han


  • Combatants slowed then defeated: 50
  • Champions defeated with Stasis damage: 10
  • Solar damage final blows: 100


Memory Fragment icon.jpg Memory Fragment
A currency that can be exchanged with the Exo Stranger for Stasis Fragments.

Patch History

    • Changed the Champion kills objective of the Stasis Fragment quest Umbral Flames to require Champion kills as a Stasis.pngStasis Subclass—rather than Champion kills with the Stasis.pngStasis element.


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