Season 4 Weapon Ornaments

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This list contains all weapon ornaments released during Forsaken and the Season of the Outlaw.

OrnamentImageRarityRelated Item
A Bad RunA bad run icon1.jpgLegendary
Aim Is TrueAim is true icon1.jpgLegendary
Aim to MisbehaveAim to misbehave icon1.jpgExotic
Author of DevastationAuthor of devastation icon1.jpgExotic
Beachheader VIBeachheader vi icon1.jpgExotic
BelvedereBelvedere icon1.jpgExotic
Blind FaithBlind faith icon1.jpgLegendary
Calus's PromiseCaluss promise icon1.jpgExotic
Cleans Up GoodCleans up good icon1.jpgExotic
CredenceCredence icon1.jpgLegendary
Cuddly ThrowbackCuddly throwback icon1.jpgExotic
Desert CamoDesert camo icon1.jpgExotic
Dirty WorkDirty work icon1.jpgLegendary
Electric VioletElectric violet icon1.jpgExotic
End of DaysEnd of days icon1.jpgLegendary
Eyes ForwardEyes forward icon1.jpgLegendary
Fell to EarthFell to earth icon1.jpgLegendary
ForetellingForetelling icon1.jpgLegendary
Gray NitriteGray nitrite icon1.jpgExotic
Guardian AngelGuardian angel icon1.jpgExotic
Haetae's JudgmentHaetaes judgment icon1.jpgExotic
HypervelocityHypervelocity icon1.jpgExotic
IKELOS Field TuningIkelos field tuning icon1.jpgExotic
Iridescent DeathIridescent death icon1.jpgExotic
KingmakerKingmaker icon1.jpgExotic
LaconicLaconic icon1.jpgExotic
Last HandLast hand icon1.jpgExotic
Loaded DiceLoaded dice icon1.jpgLegendary
Machinist's TroveMachinists trove icon1.jpgExotic
Meteor ShowerMeteor shower icon1.jpgLegendary
Never ThroughNever through icon1.jpgLegendary
Next of KinNext of kin icon1.jpgLegendary
One Terrible ScreamOne terrible scream icon1.jpgExotic
Over and Done WithOver and done with icon1.jpgLegendary
Past Is PastPast is past icon1.jpgLegendary
PlundererPlunderer icon1.jpgLegendary
Pride of OmolonPride of omolon icon1.jpgExotic
PrideglassPrideglass icon1.jpgExotic
Raging LepusRaging lepus icon1.jpgExotic
SUROS ChromeSuros chrome icon1.jpgExotic
Salt the FieldsSalt the fields icon1.jpgLegendary
Salute to the ColonelSalute to the colonel icon1.jpgExotic
Sneak AttackSneak attack icon1.jpgExotic
Subatomic IvorySubatomic ivory icon1.jpgLegendary
Sudden SquallSudden squall icon1.jpgExotic
SynesthesiaSynesthesia icon1.jpgExotic
Tangled OutriderTangled outrider icon1.jpgExotic
Tangled PaladinTangled paladin icon1.jpgExotic
Tlāloc's WrathTlālocs wrath icon1.jpgExotic
Unwelcome VisitUnwelcome visit icon1.jpgLegendary
Wrath MajesticWrath majestic icon1.jpgLegendary
Yes, QueenYes, queen icon1.jpgLegendary