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MaterialRarityAcquired byFunction
Ascendant AlloyExoticHigh-Difficulty Activities
Ascendant ShardExoticHigh-Difficulty Activities
Balanced FlavorsRareKill enemies with Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pulse Rifles, and Combat Bows
Bullet SprayRareKill enemies with Submachine Guns, Auto Rifles and Machine Guns
Cabal OilUncommonKilling Cabal enemies
Celestial KeyLegendary?????
Chitin PowderUncommonKilling Hive enemies
Dark Ether CaneUncommonKilling Scorn enemies
Dark FrostingRareKill enemies with Stasis damage
Deepsight HarmonizerExotic
Delicious ExplosionRareKill enemies with Grenades, Rocket Launchers and Grenade Launchers
Electric FlavorRareKill enemies with Arc weapons or abilities
Empyreal KeyLegendary?????
Enhancement CoreLegendary
Enhancement PrismLegendary
Essence of DawningRarePerforming activities during The Dawning
Ether CaneUncommonKilling Fallen enemies
Ethereal KeyLegendary?????
Finishing TouchRareKill enemies with Finishers
Flash of InspirationRareGenerate Orbs of Light
Glittering KeyLegendary?????
Harmonic AlloyUncommon
Impossible HeatRareKill enemies with Solar weapons or abilities
Masterwork CoreLegendary
Mod ComponentsLegendary
Multifaceted FlavorsRareMultikills
Null TasteRareKill enemies with Void weapons or abilities
Override Frequency (Season 3)Rare
Perfect TasteRareKill enemies with Precision Damage
Personal TouchRareKill enemies with Melee
Phantasmal CoreLegendary
Phantasmal FragmentRare
Pinch of LightRareCollect Orbs of Light
Resonant AlloyUncommon
Sharp FlavorRareKill enemies with Swords or Glaives
Superb TextureRareKill enemies with Supers
Taken ButterUncommonKilling Taken enemies
Vex MilkUncommonKilling Vex enemies