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Season 4
Type Trace Rifle
Slot Energy
Ammo Special
Rarity Exotic
Damage Type Void
Foundry Omolon
Description Omolon's newest breakthrough uses focused sonic waves to superheat electrons into a devastating energy beam.
Impact 6
Range 70
Stability 78
Handling 56
Reload Speed 51
Rounds Per Minute 1000
Magazine 94
Zoom 16
Inventory Size 50
Aim Assistance 100
Recoil 100
Bounce Intensity 0
Bounce Direction Tends Vertical
Exotic Engram Exotic Engram
May rarely be obtained upon completion of any challenge or dropped from defeated enemies.
Xûr Xûr
Occasionally sells this weapon in exchange for 29 Legendary Shards.

Wavesplitter is an Exotic Trace Rifle.

Perks - Curated Roll


  • Harmonic Laser icon.png Harmonic Laser — Laser damage has three power levels that oscillate while the trigger is held down.

Sight / Barrel

Magazine / Battery

Trait 1

  • Supercharged Battery icon.png Supercharged Battery — Collecting an Orb of Light grants a short period of maximum power that starts with an automatic reload.

Trait 2

  • Fitted stock icon1.png Fitted Stock - This stock makes the weapon stable but heavy.
    • Increases Stability.
    • Improves recoil direction.
    • Slightly decreases Handling Speed.


This weapon can be obtained randomly from Exotic Engrams, and is occasionally sold by Xûr.


  • Harmonic Laser causes Wavesplitter's damage output to oscillate among three different levels as the weapon is fired.
  • Supercharged Battery forces an automatic reload and locks damage output to its maximum value for a short time whenever the player collects an Orb of Light.
  • The Wavesplitter was previously a PS4 exclusive weapon. It was released to all consoles with the release of Shadowkeep.


From the makers of the Coldheart comes the latest in breakthrough City Age technology: the Wavesplitter. Here are the three most frequently asked questions we get about our revolutionary weaponized sound system.

Q: If the Wavesplitter fires sound waves, does it need ammo packs?

A: The Wavesplitter does need ammo packs, but the onboard matter transmuter turns that ammo into electrical energy that powers the waveform emitter.

Q: What does it sound like when you're hit by it?

A: Our Guardian testers give us many different answers. Some say it sounds like a scream you hear in your bones. Others say it sounds like a dying star. Still others say it reminds them of a knife shaped like a B flat.

Q: Can the Wavesplitter be used as a musical instrument?

A: The Wavesplitter was not designed to be a musical instrument. That said, we at Omolon are in the business of giving Guardians options, not taking them away.


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