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“The one about weapon drops from Trials of Osiris.”
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Type Update
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Released September 7, 2023
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Version History
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All Versions


Trials of Osiris

  • Match wins in Trials of Osiris now have a high chance to drop a non-Adept Trials weapon.


Seasonal Content

Exotic Rotator Missions

  • Fixed an issue where the Deepsight Exotic weapon was not being awarded from the Legend difficulty versions of the Exotic missions.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to reach Archie, due to lasers and a non-functioning teleporter.


  • The Seasonal sub menu in the Quests tab is now using the appropriate Seasonal icon.
  • Stacks of transmat effects do not split into individual items in player inventories now. Instead, they convert to one, for players who have not previously logged into the game after Season of the Witch launched.
  • The Apply to All shader bucket now adopts the same shader item ordering as that used by the shader socket of armor items.

Gameplay and Investment


  • Adjusted the description text for Weavewalk to correctly call out the use of melee energy.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing multiple Banner of War effects to stack.

Armor & Expressions

Weapons & Accessories


  • Fixed an issue where the Anthology lore book pages were being unlocked early by listening to the same radio message on multiple characters.


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