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Destination Resources, also known as Destination Materials and Planetary Resources, are currency items obtained by interacting with objects in patrol zones. Each destination has its own resource to collect.

Bungie has announced that, at the start of Season 19, players will no longer be able to obtain material items when interacting with resource nodes. The materials will remain in players' inventories. Vendors will have their material costs replaced or removed. Players will also be able to sell these materials to Master Rahool for Glimmer1.png Glimmer.[1]


Destination resources can be acquired by harvesting them from objects in the patrol area. These objects spawn randomly in areas throughout the destination, and will disappear over time. Resources are also rewarded when opening Loot Caches and completing Strikes.

Players who purchase a Season Pass can obtain Destination Resource Bundle icon.png Destination Resource Bundles from the paid seasonal rewards track. Each bundle gives 50 of every resource that is currently available. 10 bundles can usually be obtained per Season.


Equipping a Tracking Ghost Mod can help with finding resources by displaying a waypoint when one is nearby. Aiming down sights using a weapon with high Zoom, like a Scout Rifle or Sniper Rifle, will make these waypoints show up from farther away. These ghost mods include:


Destination resource items can be used for the following purposes:

Some destination resource objects do not give inventory items. Instead, they reward reputation with the destination's vendor. For example, harvesting Fundamental Osmium in the Throne World increases the player's reputation with Fynch.

List of Resources


These resources can currently be acquired as inventory items. After the start of Season 19, players will no longer be able to obtain these items.[1]


These resource objects do not reward items, but instead directly increase reputation with a destination's vendor.


These resources can no longer be obtained. The destinations where some of these resources could be found were removed from the game and added to the Destiny Content Vault. As a result, these items were deprecated and cannot be used. They will remain in players' inventories until they are discarded. Rare resources from destinations that are still in the game were also deprecated.


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