Off-World Recovery

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Off-World Recovery
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location EDZ
Recommended Power 330
Description  ?????
Enemy Types  ?????
Bosses  ?????
Previous Pilgrimage
Next Strange Terrain

Off-World Recovery is a Story Mission introduced with the Warmind expansion.

It is part of the Warmind Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The third mission of the Warmind expansion is called Off-World Recovery and it takes place on Earth, more exactly the European Dead Zone.

This mission will start off in Outskirts and your main goal for this mission is to recover a fragment from the Traveler. What you have to do first is to make sure you are driving a Sparrow because you will have a lot of distance to cover, at least in the first part of the mission. Drive through the waypoints until you reach The Sludge area. Here, you will encounter a lot of enemies that can be painful to take down. First, focus down the Servitor and make sure to hit him in the eye as it can deal bonus damage. Afterward, focus on the Taken enemies in the area. Make sure to target first the dark matter orbs that spawned them, to be more effective.

You might want to use a heavy weapon that deals AOE damage to clear out the huge amount of enemies. To complete the first objective, you must clear the areas off from enemies in order to stop the Taken Blight interference.

After finishing the objective, follow the waypoints and head into the cave until you reach the Hallowed Grove area. Be careful at the Taken Psions that are right around the corner and of the next ones afterward. Make sure to keep moving in order to dodge the incoming attacks from the Taken Hobgoblins above you. There should also be a Taken Knight nearby, attack him from above and you should have no problems dealing with him.

After dealing with the pesky enemies, scan the fragment that appears to have some kind of shield on it. This will trigger a surprise attack from the enemies. Many Taken Acolytes will rush at you so be prepared for a fight. Many enemies will possess a shield, especially the mini-boss, Trulus the Failed. Because of the vast number of enemies, you might want to use again a weapon that deals area of effect damage in order to clear them out in a nice and easy way. Make sure to save your movement abilities for Karakis, the Taken Enforcer.

Near the end of this huge ambush, the main boss of the mission will appear, Mahesh, The Bitter. If you have your supercharged ready, make sure to use it now as it's the best time to do so. Again, make sure to always be moving in order to dodge his powerful rocket attacks. After you defeat him, Rasputin will help you secure the objective and all you have to do in order to complete the mission is to grab the fragment.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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