Legendary Weapon Ornaments

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This list contains all Legendary weapon ornaments.

OrnamentImageRarityRelated Item
87% Ennui87% ennui icon1.jpgLegendary
A Bad RunA bad run icon1.jpgLegendary
Aim Is TrueAim is true icon1.jpgLegendary
Alone, to Be JoinedAlone, to be joined icon1.jpgLegendary
At Any CostAt any cost icon1.jpgLegendary
Augury of SnakesAugury of snakes icon1.jpgLegendary
Balistraria Wrap (Ornament)Balistraria wrap (ornament) icon1.jpgLegendary
Beggar, to Be FedBeggar, to be fed icon1.jpgLegendary
Blind FaithBlind faith icon1.jpgLegendary
Blissful IgnoranceBlissful Ignorance icon.jpgLegendary
Broken Bird, to Be HealedBroken bird, to be healed icon1.jpgLegendary
Coordinated OffensiveCoordinated offensive icon1.jpgLegendary
CredenceCredence icon1.jpgLegendary
Dark WatersDark waters icon1.jpgLegendary
Defenseless, to Be ArmedDefenseless, to be armed icon1.jpgLegendary
Dirty WorkDirty work icon1.jpgLegendary
Disruptive CamouflageDisruptive camouflage icon1.jpgLegendary
Done and DustyDone and dusty icon1.jpgLegendary
DoubtDoubt icon1.jpgLegendary
Draws NighDraws nigh icon1.jpgLegendary
End of DaysEnd of days icon1.jpgLegendary
Eyes ForwardEyes forward icon1.jpgLegendary
Fell to EarthFell to earth icon1.jpgLegendary
Finale OrnamentFinale ornament icon1.jpgLegendary
ForetellingForetelling icon1.jpgLegendary
Fruition OrnamentFruition ornament icon1.jpgLegendary
Fulfillment OrnamentFulfillment ornament icon1.jpgLegendary
Glory and GrandeurGlory and grandeur icon1.jpgLegendary
Great WhiteGreat white icon1.jpgLegendary
Inferno HeraldryInferno heraldry icon1.jpgLegendary
InsomniaInsomnia icon1.jpgLegendary
InsubordinationInsubordination icon1.jpgLegendary
Intended AuthorityIntended mischief icon1.jpgLegendary
Intended MischiefIntended overthrow icon1.jpgLegendary
Intended OverthrowIntended authority icon1.jpgLegendary
Itsy-Bitsy SpiderItsy-bitsy spider icon1.jpgLegendary
King in All DirectionsKing in all directions icon1.jpgLegendary
Let the Future NarrowLet the future narrow icon1.jpgLegendary
Loaded DiceLoaded dice icon1.jpgLegendary
Lord of the HuntLord of the hunt icon1.jpgLegendary
Mandated ArtilleryMandated artillery icon1.jpgLegendary
Meteor ShowerMeteor shower icon1.jpgLegendary
Meteoric DescentMeteoric descent icon1.jpgLegendary
NecrosisNecrosis icon1.jpgLegendary
Never ThroughNever through icon1.jpgLegendary
Next of KinNext of kin icon1.jpgLegendary
Only the Penitent PassOnly the penitent pass icon1.jpgLegendary
Out of PlaceOut of place icon1.jpgLegendary
OutwitOutwit icon1.jpgLegendary
Over and Done WithOver and done with icon1.jpgLegendary
OzymandiasOzymandias icon1.jpgLegendary
PanaceaPanacea icon1.jpgLegendary
Past Is PastPast is past icon1.jpgLegendary
PerfluorocarbonPerfluorocarbon icon1.jpgLegendary
PlundererPlunderer icon1.jpgLegendary
Powerful StatementPowerful statement icon1.jpgLegendary
Prized IvoryPrized ivory icon1.jpgLegendary
PyreticPyretic icon1.jpgLegendary
Riptide (Ornament)Riptide Ornament icon1.jpgLegendary
Rock-a-ByeRock-a-bye icon1.jpgLegendary
Rubicund Wrap (Ornament)Rubicund wrap (ornament) icon1.jpgLegendary
Salt the FieldsSalt the fields icon1.jpgLegendary
Serpentine SkinSerpentine skin icon1.jpgLegendary
ShapeshifterShapeshifter icon1.jpgLegendary
Shifting LoyaltiesShifting loyalties icon1.jpgLegendary
Shot Through the Heart (Ornament)Shot Through the Heart icon1.jpgLegendary
Smith's TouchmarkSmith's touchmark icon1.jpgLegendary
Snakeskin Wrap (Ornament)Snakeskin wrap (ornament) icon1.jpgLegendary
Stalwart SkinStalwart skin icon1.jpgLegendary
Standard RegulationStandard regulation icon1.jpgLegendary
Still HungryStill hungry icon1.jpgLegendary
Subatomic IvorySubatomic ivory icon1.jpgLegendary
Table ScrapsTable scraps icon1.jpgLegendary
The BunkerThe bunker icon1.jpgLegendary
They Had BuiltThey had built icon1.jpgLegendary
ToxicologyToxicology icon1.jpgLegendary
Tyrant's CudgelTyrant's cudgel icon1.jpgLegendary
Tyrant's LashTyrant's lash icon1.jpgLegendary
Unhearing, to Be ToldUnhearing, to be told icon1.jpgLegendary
Unloved, to Be CherishedUnloved, to be cherished icon1.jpgLegendary
Unseeing, to Be ShownUnseeing, to be shown icon1.jpgLegendary
Unwelcome VisitUnwelcome visit icon1.jpgLegendary
Wind ChillWind chill icon1.jpgLegendary
Wrath MajesticWrath majestic icon1.jpgLegendary
Yes, QueenYes, queen icon1.jpgLegendary
Zaroff's Prized LongboreZaroff's prized longbore icon1.jpgLegendary