Ice and Shadow

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Ice and Shadow
Type Story Mission
Number 00000
Location Mars
Recommended Power 310
Description  ?????
Enemy Types Hive
Bosses Golur, the Plagued
Hadak the Devoted
Urrot, Hammer of Nokris
Previous Omega
Next Pilgrimage

Ice and Shadow is a Story Mission introduced with the Warmind expansion.

It is part of the Warmind Missions.

Mission Walkthrough

The first mission of the Warmind Expansion starts off with a lengthy cinematic cutscene explaining the plot. After the cutscene is over, you start off on the surface of Mars, more exactly at Olympus Descent and you must go forward on the ledge and follow the path on your left. The waypoint should guide you upon an entrance to a cave, where you will be ambushed by groups of Thralls and Acolytes that you must defeat. Near the end of the path, you will also encounter a Knight accompanied by more Acolytes. Focus on the smaller enemies first, as the Knight is far more tankier than Acolytes.

Reaching the end of the tunnel, you will encounter yet another Knight, this time he is alone, without any accomplices.

After defeating the Knight, be careful when entering the next chamber because a Vanquisher Knight will tear down a wall and charge at you. Defeating him will make Thralls burst from the ground and attack you.

After defeating them, follow the waypoint on your right and a big cavern shall unveil in front of you, populated with a Knight wielding a Boomer alongside a couple of Acolytes and Thralls. Some Acolytes will ambush you from behind if you are not careful enough. As you move forward, you will encounter Golur, the Plagued, another Vanquisher that ruptures a wall. Keep an eye out for Cursed Thralls and the Knight that spawn after encountering the large enemy.

Follow the waypoints that will guide you to Glacial Drift. You have now entered a Darkness Zone, so be careful. As you move forward into the level, hordes of Thralls will charge at you. Once you have defeated them, you will encounter a new type of sniper Hive, the Adherent, located on the top of the slope. First, defeat the Acolytes and then deal with the Adherent. Fight them and make sure to advance towards the Clovis Bray building on the path where you will meet Acolytes and a Knight named Hadak the Devoted.

While heading to the main entrance after defeating the Knight from before, you will eventually encounter an ogre named Urrot, Hammer of Nokris that will be accompanied by 2 Vanquishers, Acolytes and a Knight. If you have your supercharged ready you can use it to quickly get rid of the ogre. If not, take care of the smaller enemies and then keep in mind to aim for the head to quickly defeat the ogre.

Once you have defeated everyone, head out to the first corner and head to the entrance to complete the mission.

Mission Reward

  • ?????
  • ?????

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