Lucent Moth (Enemy)

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Lucent Moth (Enemy)
Lucent Moth enemy.jpg
Name Lucent Moth
Race Hive
Precision Spot None
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See Lucent Moths.

Lucent Moth is a Hive enemy introduced in The Witch Queen.


Lucent Moths are small, insectoid Hive creatures that emit Arc energy. They are most commonly found attached to Lucent Hive enemies in Savathûn's Throne World or in PsiOps Battlegrounds. Moths can attach to any type of Hive enemy.

An enemy with a Moth attached will have a bluish-white glow on top of their model. Its health bar will have a teal-colored bar at the bottom, where the white energy shield bar would normally appear. The Moth acts as a shield, preventing health damage until it is depleted. The Moth shield stacks on top of regular energy shields, preventing an enemy's shield from being damaged. However, the moth shield does not regenerate. Destroying the Moth shield does not stun the enemy the Moth was attached to. Moth shields are not treated as Arc shields, meaning that they can be destroyed by weapons of any element when the Match Game modifier is active.

If the shield is depleted, or if the enemy is killed in a single hit while the shield is active, then the Moth will slowly float upwards from the Hive enemy for a few seconds. The Moth cannot be hit during this period. Eventually, it will become vulnerable. It will either fly towards another enemy to attach to it, or it will become hostile and fly towards players if there are no enemies left nearby. Multiple Moths can attach to a single enemy, but this has no effect on the strength of the shield, or the number of Moths that are released when the shield is depleted.

While Moths are flying through the air, they can be shot and destroyed in a single hit. Destroying a Moth creates an Arc explosion, which can damage nearby enemies, or destroy other vulnerable Moths, creating a chain reaction. Players can also take damage from the explosion.

Lucent Moths are sometimes found on their own, usually only in The Witch Queen story missions. They will often be hovering in a stationary position. When a player goes near one, it will become hostile and fly at them, emitting Arc energy and then exploding if the player does not shoot it in time.



Arc.png Explosive Light





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