Resonant Destruction

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Deliver the Resonant Splinter for Detonation.

Resonant Destruction, also known as Ferry the Resonant Splinter, is a Public Event added in The Witch Queen.


Savathûn's Throne World Quagmire · Miasma · Florescent Canal


When the event begins, a Resonant Splinter will spawn. This pyramid-shaped device is a payload that players must escort to the end of a path that it follows automatically. At least one player must be standing within the orange circle on the ground around the Splinter for it to move. The Splinter moves faster when more players are standing next to it. Players can ride on top of the Splinter as it moves, or walk behind it to use it for cover. While the Splinter is moving, players will have to defend themselves from waves of enemies. In Quagmire and Miasma, the enemies will be Scorn. In Florescent Canal, the enemies will be Lucent Hive.

At two checkpoints along the Splinter's path, a dome-shaped shield barrier will appear surrounding some defensive structures. The Splinter will be prevented from moving. A miniboss, as well as a group of powerful enemies, will spawn inside the barrier. To remove the blockade, players must enter the barrier and destroy several Pyramid Spikes floating inside. The enemies do not need to be killed to progress, but doing so will make things easier.

If time runs out while the Splinter is moving, players can prevent the event from ending by remaining near the Splinter. More time can be added by reaching further checkpoints along the path.

A boss enemy waits at the end of the path, but it does not need to be killed to complete the event. When the Splinter reaches the end, many enemies will spawn, but they will be destroyed by an energy wave released from the Splinter.

Along the path, some enemies will drop a Resonant Charge, an orange orb that can be carried and thrown. Throwing a Resonant Charge at the Splinter will cause it to move faster, as long as the Splinter is not stopped by a barrier. In order to make the event Heroic, players must throw all 6 Resonant Charges at the Splinter before it reaches the end. This will spawn 2 additional bosses that players must defeat, along with the original boss, in order to finish the Heroic event.