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Factions are groups that Guardians can earn reputation with. Increasing the reputation with a given faction will give Guardians access to rewards, specific for that faction. These can range from weapons and armor to exclusive shaders and legendary shards. These will come at each reputation level reached, when Guardians will be awarded an Engram that may contain items exclusive to that faction.

Factions come in several types. Most of them are accessible by all players, at all times, such as the Planetary factions and The Tower factions. However, the factions that are part of the Faction Rallies work in a slightly different manner. Players must pledge allegiance to one of them to have access to their rewards. Once they do, the other two factions cannot be accessed with that character any longer.

Enemies will also have factions of their own. However, these are not accessible by players and reputation cannot be earned with them.

Planetary Factions

Each planet has its own main faction. In order to earn reputation with them, players must complete various activities on that planet. Completing activities grants Guardians faction tokens that must then be turned in to a faction representative. This will increase players' reputation with the given faction.

In order to increase their reputation with a given Planetary faction, players can also turn in planet-exclusive resources that can be found in the field. These also grant reputation with that planet's representative.

The table below lists all five planetary factions currently available, as well as their tokens and representatives. (Mercury's faction is only available for those that own Curse of Osiris.)

Zone Faction Token Uncommon Resource Rare Resource Representative
European Dead Zone The EDZ EDZ Token Dusklight Shard Dusklight Crystal Devrim Kay
Titan Arcology Arcology Token Alkane Dust Alkane Spore Sloane
Nessus Nessus Nessus Token Microphasic Datalattice Quantized Datalattice Failsafe
Io Io Io Token Phaseglass Needle Phaseglass Spire Asher Mir
Mercury Mercury (Faction) Mercury Token Simulation Seed Simulation Bloom Brother Vance

The Tower Factions

In addition to the planetary Factions, there are some Factions whose representatives can be found at The Tower upon completing the Story Missions of the game.

They also come with their own tokens and resources that can be turned in for reputation. Increasing reputation works exactly the same way as with Planetary factions. Higher reputation grants access to more rewards and each reputation level awards an Engram.

The table below contains all factions that can be found at The Tower, as well as the items they accept in exchange of reputation and their representatives.

Faction Token Resource Representative
The Vanguard Vanguard Tactician Token N/A Commander Zavala
The Crucible Crucible Token N/A Lord Shaxx
Vanguard Research Vanguard Research Token N/A Ikora Rey
Gunsmith Gunsmith Materials Weapon Telemetry Arcite 99-40, Banshee-44
Emperor Calus Emperor Calus Token N/A Benedict 99-40

Faction Rally

Unlike regular Factions, the ones that participate in the Faction Rally events are not all accessible to everyone. Instead, players must pledge allegiance to one of the three possible factions. Once they do that, the other two become inaccessible.

In addition to their own Token System, these Factions also come with a special mechanic. At the end of a Faction Rally event, the Faction to which players turned in the most Tokens is declared the winner. This unlocks a special weapon which can be purchased from the winning faction's vendor by all characters regardless of allegiance; however, characters that pledged allegiance to the winning faction get a significant discount on the weapon. The price of that special weapon is 50,000 Glimmer for those who did not pledge allegiance to the winning faction and 1,000 Glimmer for those who did pledge allegiance to the winning faction.

The table below lists each of the three factions, as well as their tokens and representatives.

Faction Token Representative
Dead Orbit Dead Orbit Token Arach Jalaal
Future War Cult FWC Token Lakshmi-2
New Monarchy New Monarchy Token Executor Hideo

Other Event Factions

The Faction Rally factions are not the only ones that are temporarily available. Several other factions are also only available at select times:

Faction Token Representative
Iron Banner Iron Banner Token Lord Saladin
Trials of the Nine Trials of the Nine Token The Emissary