Unspoken Promise

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Unspoken Promise
Unspoken promise icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Sword
Slot Power
Rarity Legendary
Damage Type Arc
Archetype Adaptive
Description The promise is in the point of the blade.
Impact 62
Range 46
Ammo Capacity 60
Swing Speed 46
Efficiency 55
Zoom 0
How to Obtain
Io faction icon1.png Io Engram
Rewarded upon ranking up the Io Faction.
Gunsmith faction icon1.png Gunsmith Engram
Rewarded upon ranking up with the Gunsmith.
Legendary engram icon1.png Faction Engrams
This item may be obtained as an Additional Reward when ranking up any Faction.
Legendary engram icon1.png Legendary Engram
This item may be obtained from any Legendary Engram.
Legendary shards icon1.png Legendary Shards
This item may be purchased directly from Asher Mir in exchange for Io Tokens and Legendary Shards.
Unspoken Promise PvP Stats
Unspoken Promise is a Legendary Sword.

Perks - Curated Roll




  • Balanced guard icon1.png Balanced Guard - Sword Guard has balanced efficiency and defense.
  • Burst guard icon1.png Burst Guard - Sword Guard has low efficiency and high defense.


  • Relentless strikes icon1.png Relentless Strikes — Landing three light attack hits within a short time grants sword ammo.

How to Obtain

Detailed explanation on how to acquire Unspoken Promise


At 1 ammo, if the uppercut attack connects completely you will regain 1 ammo. This can be repeated until you miss a perfect swing. This "feature" applies to combat in the Crucible as well.


Unspoken Promise1.jpg

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