Ruinous Element

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Cayde's Last Stand icon.png This page describes content which has been removed from the game.
"Ruinous Element" was removed from Destiny 2 in the Season of the Haunted icon.pngSeason of the Haunted.
Ruinous Element
Ruinous Element icon.jpg
Type Resonant Element (Season 16)
Rarity Legendary

Ruinous Element is a Resonant Element used in Weapon Shaping. It has a maximum capacity of 1,000.

The currently held amount of Ruinous Element can be seen using the Relic Tether inventory item, which is claimed from the Relic Conduit.

Ruinous Element was removed from the game in Version 4.1.0[1], after the end of the Season of the Risen.


  • 12 Ruinous Element can be extracted from a completed Deepsight Resonance weapon that has a trait associated with Ruinous Element.


Ruinous Element is used when crafting enhanced versions of the traits associated with it.

Associated Traits

Ruinous Element is associated with traits that increase damage, increase the area-of-effect of damage, or apply debuffs to combatants.


Patch History


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