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Cayde's Last Stand icon.png This page describes content which has been removed from the game.
"Relic Tether" was removed from Destiny 2 in the Season of Defiance icon.pngSeason of Defiance.
Relic Tether
Relic Tether icon.jpg
Name Relic Tether
Season 16
Rarity Exotic
Description Harnesses your Deepsight ability to gain insight into the quantity of Resonant Elements currently possessed.
Vendor Relic Conduit

Relic Tether was an item introduced in The Witch Queen. It was removed in the Season of Defiance.


The Relic Tether could be obtained for free from the Relic Conduit in the Enclave.

Interaction: Relic Conduit

Tethered Consciousness
The Relic hums with peculiar resonance. All at once, it becomes clear to you—it is offering something. The nature of the thing is unclear, but its function is less obscured: a method of quantifying the Resonant Elements obtained from Deepsight Resonant weapons.

The Relic tether is now yours to use.

Relic Tether icon.jpg Relic Tether


Hovering over the Relic Tether in the Inventory menu would display the player's current quantity of Resonant Elements.


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