Resonant Elements (Season 16)

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Cayde's Last Stand icon.png This page describes content which has been removed from the game.
"Resonant Elements (Season 16)" was removed from Destiny 2 in the Season of the Haunted icon.pngSeason of the Haunted.
See also: Resonant Elements

Resonant Elements are crafting materials used in Weapon Shaping, introduced in The Witch Queen.

All Resonant Elements except for Neutral Element were removed from the game in Version 4.1.0[1], after the end of the Season of the Risen. Neutral Element was renamed to Resonant Elements.


Resonant Elements are extracted from completed Deepsight Resonance weapons. Players can see their current Element counts using the Relic Tether inventory item, which can be claimed from the Relic Conduit. Un-extracted Deepsight Resonance weapons will also display the currently held amount of an Element on the tooltip for its associated trait.

Neutral Element is used for crafting all Weapon Perks and Intrinsics. All other Element types are used for crafting enhanced versions of the Traits they are associated with.

Types of Elements

Neutral Element small icon.png Neutral Element

Neutral Element is not associated with any specific traits. Neutral Element is always obtained when extracting from Deepsight Resonance weapons, and players can choose to extract additional Neutral Element instead of one of the Element types associated with a weapon's traits. 15 Neutral Element is obtained upon leveling up a Shaped Weapon.

Adroit Element small icon.png Adroit Element

Adroit Element is associated with traits that affect certain weapon stats, including Stability, Range, and Handling.

Drowned Element small icon.png Drowned Element

Drowned Element is associated with traits that are exclusive to weapons that drop from the Vow of the Disciple raid. These traits are Bait and Switch and Sleight of Hand.

Energetic Element small icon.png Energetic Element

Energetic Element is associated with traits that affect reloading and ammo reserves.

Mutable Element small icon.png Mutable Element

Mutable Element is associated with traits related to abilities, movement speed, and shields.

Ruinous Element small icon.png Ruinous Element

Ruinous Element is associated with traits that increase damage, increase the area-of-effect of damage, or apply debuffs to combatants.

Patch History

  • 4.1.0[1]
    • Weapon Crafting: All element currencies other than Neutral Elements have been removed. Neutral Elements have been renamed to Resonant Elements.
  • 4.0.1[2]
    • Increased Element crafting currency caps.
      • More information can be found in the 3/17/2022 This Week at Bungie blog article.
      • [Neutral Element max cap increased from 8,500 to 10,000.]
      • [All other Element caps increased from 250 to 1,000.]
    • Added to the game.


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