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Patch 1.0.3
“The one about Faction Rallies.”
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Type Patch
Version ID 1.0.3
Released September 25, 2017
External Link Patch 1.0.3[1]
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Faction Rallies

Pledge to a faction Vendor
  • Pledging places a buff on the player character for the duration of the event associating the character with the faction
Earn faction Reputation tokens
Turn tokens in for reward packages
  • Earn faction themed rewards from your faction
Help your faction win
  • The faction with the most rank ups across the game will sell a new weapon at a discount for faction members 


  • Fixed an issue in which Hunter crest2.png Hunters with a specific amount of health would see their health bar on the HUD at all times


  • Fixed issue in the raid that granted resurrection tokens unintentionally to players joining encounters in progress
  • Fixed an issue in which killing the first Minotaur too quickly in the Unbreakable Adventure would result in progression being blocked


  • Fixed an issue where clan XP was not being granted for completing public events
  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from receiving Legendary engram icon1.pngweekly clan engrams
    • Players who leave a clan will still not be eligible for clan rewards that week


  • Fixed an issue in which Bright engram icon1.pngBright engrams would show 'Requires Level 20' if a player hadn't accepted all Leveling Rewards from Eververse vendor icon.png Tess Everis after reaching level 20
  • Fixed an issue in which the action button on weapon ornaments displayed Discard instead of Unlock


Call to Arms

  • Reduced the amount needed to complete the milestone to align it with other weekly milestones


  • Adjusted Clash & Supremacy power ammo locations
  • Added invisible physics volumes to keep players from leaving the intended playable space


  • Added a soft-kill volume to keep players from hiding on the edge of the map
  • Dead players' Ghosts will no longer appear in the "Fork" location


  • Fixed an issue in which players in the Tower could sometimes fail to load gear
  • Fixed a crash when signing out of Destiny 2



  • Fixed an issue in which the gear search button was covering item actions
  • Fixed an issue in which Ghosts were not showing in character gear
  • Added a filter and member count in the clan roster


  • Fixed an issue in the way gear power was sorted when including items that don't have power


  • When you close an explore item in trending, the page no longer refreshes
  • Paging update in search


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