Arcology (Faction)

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Arcology (Faction)
Arcology faction icon1.png
Faction Liaison Sloane
Headquarters Titan (Location)
Tokens Arcology Token
Reputation Rewards
Engram Arcology Engram

The Arcology Faction rewards the player for completing activities and looting chests on Titan. Each activity will reward one to three Arcology Tokens upon completion; handing these in to Sloane in Siren's Watch is currently the only way to increase standing with this faction. Each rank-up will award the player an Arcology Engram that contains aquatic-themed equipment and shaders.

Faction Engram Contents

Note that in regard to the items list below, either a Faction Weapon or a piece of Faction Armor will drop, but not both.

Faction Weapons

  • 1 of the following:
Item Icon Type Slot Impact Range Stability Handling Reload Speed Rounds Per Minute
A Single Clap A single clap icon1.jpg Sniper Rifles Energy 70 53 48 47 44 90
Dead Man Walking Dead man walking icon1.jpg Sidearms Energy 10 29 60 54 41 450
First In, Last Out First in, last out icon1.jpg Shotguns Energy 70 62 46 64 50 65
Foggy Notion Foggy notion icon1.jpg Submachine Guns Energy 20 47 51 56 49 900
Hoosegow Hoosegow icon1.jpg Rocket Launchers Power Weapons 47 44 50 20
Nox Echo III Nox echo iii icon1.jpg Fusion Rifles Energy 70 38 48 36 38
Solemn Hymn Solemn hymn icon1.jpg Auto Rifles Energy 21 53 40 55 46 600
Swift Ride Swift ride icon1.jpg Pulse Rifles Energy 29 43 61 46 46 390
Tone Patrol Tone patrol icon1.jpg Scout Rifles Energy 62 46 48 44 46 180

Faction Armor

Faction Shaders

Additional Rewards

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