High-Caliber Rounds

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High-Caliber Rounds
High-caliber rounds icon1.png
Type Magazines and Batteries
Range 5
Description Shots from this weapon knock the target back farther. Slightly increases range.
Auto Rifles Sweet Business, Sand Wasp-3AU, Lionheart, Scathelocke, Uriel's Gift, Guiding Star, The Doubt
Hand Cannons Imset HC4, Azimuth DSU, One Earth, Shattered Peace, Daedalus Code, West of Sunfall 7
Pulse Rifles Cadenza-43, Cadenza-11, Encore-25, Disrespectful Stare, Machina Dei 4, Legal Action II
Scout Rifles MIDA Multi-Tool, Sonata-48, Armillary PSU, Tone Patrol, Pleiades Corrector, Haunted Earth, Frostmire's Hex
Sidearms Interregnum XVI, Enigma's Draw, Eulogy SI4
Submachine Guns Red Mamba, Stochastic Variable, Royal Dispensation II, Escape Velocity, The Hero's Burden
Shotguns Requiem-43, Good Bone Structure, Unification VII
Sniper Rifles Show of Force, Trondheim-LR2
High-Caliber Rounds is a Weapon Perk.

Additional Information

  • Hits are more likely to cause enemies to stagger or flinch
  • +5 Range

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