Botheration Mk.28

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Botheration Mk.28
Botheration mk.28 icon1.jpg
Season 1
Type Shotgun
Slot Power
Rarity Rare
Damage Type Solar
Foundry Tex Mechanica
Archetype Aggressive
Description Be a pain in their side.
Impact 80
Range 27
Stability 24
Handling 28
Reload Speed 36
Rounds Per Minute 55
Magazine 5
Zoom 12
Inventory Size 28
Aim Assistance 27
Recoil 55
Bounce Intensity 45
Bounce Direction Tends Vertical
Earned while leveling.

Botheration Mk.28 is a Rare Shotgun.

Perks - Curated Roll


Sight / Barrel

Magazine / Battery

  • Extended mag icon1.png Extended Mag - This weapon has a greatly increased magazine size, but reloads much slower.
    • Greatly increases magazine size.
    • Greatly decreases Reload Speed.


  • Auto-loading holster icon1.png Auto-Loading Holster - The holstered weapon is automatically reloaded after a short period of time.


How to Obtain

Decoherent Engrams, Drops

PvP Profile


  • The default shader for this weapon appears to be a worn version of the New Pacific Rush shader.


Botheration Mk.281.jpg

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