Winterhart Titan Armor Set

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Winterhart Titan Armor Set
File:Winterhart titan armor set icon1.jpg
Class Titan
Rarity Legendary
Helmet Winterhart Helm
Chest Armor Winterhart Plate
Gauntlets Winterhart Gauntlets
Leg Armor Winterhart Greaves
Class Item Winterhart Mark
Intrinsic Perk Mobile Titan Armor
Vendor Tess Everis
Vendor Location The Tower
Engrams Dawning Engram
Winterhart Titan Armor Set is a Mobile Titan Armor Set exclusive to The Dawning. Like with other armor sets from Eververse, its pieces are initially awarded with 10 Defense, but can be Infused to make them powerful enough for endgame use.

Set Pieces

Armor Name Armor Type Mobility Resilience Recovery
Winterhart Helm Helmet  ??  ??  ??
Winterhart Plate Chest Armor  ??  ??  ??
Winterhart Gauntlets Gauntlets  ??  ??  ??
Winterhart Greaves Leg Armor  ??  ??  ??
Winterhart Mark Class Item - - -


  • The default shader for this armor set appears to be identical to the Dawning Brilliance shader.



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