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Infusion is a mechanic for upgrading armor and weapons.


Infusion allows players to boost the power level of their armor and weapons by dismantling a more powerful piece of gear. The level of dismantled gear is transferred to the item which is being upgraded. The process consumes an Upgrade Module.jpg Upgrade Module. If an item is being infused with its duplicate, it costs Glimmer1.png1,000 instead.

It is possible to upgrade only Legendary and Exotic weapons and armor, but gear of any rarity can be dismantled for infusion. Weapons and armor can be infused only with gear of a similar type: a Kinetic weapon can be upgraded only with Kinetic weapons, Gauntlets can be upgraded only with Gauntlets.

Legendary gear released prior to the Season of the Worthy has an infusion cap, which prevents players from raising its power level past a certain threshold. MIDA Mini-Tool and Drang are an exception as they are meant to be paired with Exotic weapons, which have no cap.