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Debuff icon

Unravel is a Strand icon.png Strand debuff.


The target is permeated with destructive Strand icon.png Strand matter. As they take additional damage, they create unraveled projectiles that seek out nearby targets.

Unraveling Rounds from your Strand icon.png Strand weapons pierce the shields of Barrier icon.png Barrier Champions and stun them.

Unraveled targets unwind into a Tangle when defeated.


Unravel Sources

These effects unravel enemies.

Berserker (Titan)

Strand Aspects

  • Flechette Storm icon.jpg Flechette Storm — While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to leap into the air, knocking nearby targets away and dealing damage. While airborne, activate your charged melee again to launch a cluster of damaging, Unraveling projectiles. Repeatedly activating melee will chain additional throws.

Threadrunner (Hunter)

Strand Aspects

  • Whirling Maelstrom icon.jpg Whirling Maelstrom — Destroying a Tangle will weave a violent, writhing mass of Strand icon.png Strand fibers. The Strand mass seeks out and damages targets, emitting Unraveling projectiles when it defeats them.

Broodweaver (Warlock)


  • Arcane Needle icon.png Arcane Needle — Sling a woven needle that will embed in your target, unraveling them. Activate your melee ability again to chain up to two additional attacks.

Exotic Armor

Strand Grenades

  • Grapple icon.jpg Grapple — Weave a grappling hook, and quickly pull yourself forward. Grappling to a Tangle immediately recharges your grenade energy. During and shortly after grappling, your melee attack deals area damage and unravels targets.

Exotic Weapons

  • Final warning icon1.jpg Final WarningAll at Once: Holding down the trigger marks targets within range and loads multiple bullets, which fire in a burst with increased stability on trigger release. Hitting a marked target with a fully charged burst will unravel them.

Unraveling Rounds Sources

These effects apply Unraveling Rounds to Strand icon.png Strand weapons, causing them to unravel enemies when dealing damage.

Strand Fragments


These items synergize with unraveling effects.

Strand Fragments