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Weapons have perks associated with them which boost their natural capabilities.

Perk Slots

Weapons have an intrinsic perk and up to 4 perk columns. The number of available perk columns is dependent on the rarity of the weapon. Each perk column has specific perk types which inhabit them. Perks on legendary weapons are randomly rolled from perk pools unique to each gun.

Perk Column Count by Rarity
Common 0
Uncommon 2
Rare 3
Legendary 4
Exotic 4


Every weapon has an intrinsic perk, typically a Weapon Frame. Weapons Frames are responsible for determining the damage values for a gun and its Rounds Per Minute. Additionally, some weapon frames provide additional utility.

Exotics weapons instead get an exotic intrinsic perk, such as Delayed Gratification or Memento Mori. These intrinsic perks occupy the same slot as where a weapon frame would normally go. They provide much more utility than a normal frame, enough to be analagous to an extra weapon trait.

Adaptive frame icon1.png

Adaptive Frame

A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.
Memento Mori icon.png

Memento Mori

Reloading after a kill loads magazine with a few extra-damage bullets. Grants radar while aiming down sights.

Perk Slot 1

Perk Slot 1 is occupied by Barrels, Blades, Bowstrings, Launcher Barrels, Scopes, and Sights. This column usually provides a choice between 2 perks, sometimes 3.

Hammer-forged rifling icon1.png

Hammer-Forged Rifling

Durable ranged barrel. Increases range.
Polygonal rifling icon1.png

Polygonal Rifling

Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. Increases stability.

Perk Slot 2

Perk slot 2 is occupied by Arrows, Batteries, Guards, and Magazines. This column usually provides a choice between 2 perks, sometimes 3.

Tactical mag icon1.png

Tactical Mag
Magazines and Batteries

This weapon has multiple tactical improvements. Slightly increases stability. Slightly increases reload speed. Slightly increases magazine size.
Accurized rounds icon1.png

Accurized Rounds

This weapon can fire long distances.

Perk Slot 3

Perk Slot 3 is occupied by Weapon Traits. Exotic weapons have a unique weapon trait in the slot that is specific to the exotic.

Outlaw icon1.png


Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.
Soul devourer icon1.png

Soul Devourer

Absorbing a Remnant strengthens Mark of the Devourer and partially refills the magazine.

Perk Slot 4

Perks Slot 4 is occupied by Weapon Traits. Exotic Weapons have Stocks and Grips in this slot instead. Hand Cannons and Sidearms have Grips while all other weapon families use Stocks

Rampage icon1.png


Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.
Hand-Laid Stock icon.png

Hand-Laid Stock
Stocks and Grips

This weapon is optimized for recoil control. Increases Stability.

All Weapon Perks

50VAL Telescopic50val telescopic icon1.pngSights and BarrelsAgile, snappy scope. Short zoom. Slightly increases range. Increases handling speed.
9RECT Telescopic50val telescopic icon1.pngSights and BarrelsPowerful scope. Long zoom. . Greatly increases range. Decreases handling speed.
ATA ScoutAta scout icon1.pngSights and BarrelsLight sniper scope. Short zoom. . Slightly increases range . Greatly increases handling speed.
ATB Long RangeAtb long range icon1.pngSights and BarrelsLong-distance H¤kke scope. Long zoom. . Greatly increases range . Decreases handling speed.
ATC RexAtc rex icon1.pngScope1LegendaryCombat sniper scope. Short zoom.
• Greatly increases handling speed
• Slightly decreases range
... further results