Sights and Barrels

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Sights and Barrels is a type of Weapon Perk. Each Legendary Weapon will have a choice of 2 or 3 of these perks, depending on the manufacturer of the gun. These things are similar to their counterparts in Destiny 1, and basically self explanatory. These, along with Magazine and Trait options, are fixed for Year 1 weapons but randomly generated for Year 2 weapons (however, some elder-game Year 2 weapons have a chance of generating with a fixed set of curated perks).


  • Sights are simple weapon attachments with at most minor effects on Zoom while aiming down sights. Sight perks are commonly seen on Hand Cannons, Sidearms and weapons designed with close-range combat in mind.
  • Scopes are complex weapon attachments which significantly impact zoom while aiming down sights. Scope perks are commonly seen on weapons designed with mid- to long-range combat in mind (such as Sniper Rifles).
  • Barrel perks change weapon characteristics such as Stability and Range without any impact on the weapon's Zoom stat. They are commonly seen on Raid weapons.
  • Bowstring perks influence the behavior of Combat Bows.
  • Blade perks modify the offensive behavior of Swords.

List of Sights and Barrels