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Strand Fragments are Fragments that can be unlocked on the Strand icon.png Strand subclasses: Berserker (Titan), Threadrunner (Hunter), and Broodweaver (Warlock).


Strand Fragments can be purchased with Strand Meditations icon.jpg Strand Meditations at the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes on Neptune after completing the Lightfall campaign on any difficulty. Strand Fragments must be purchased separately on each character, and do not carry over between them.

Equipping Strand Aspects will unlock slots where Strand Fragments can be equipped. However, unlike Aspects, Fragments are not unique to specific classes. Fragments can only be equipped in a single slot per character. It is not possible to equip multiple copies of a Fragment on a single character in order to stack additional stat bonuses.

List of Strand Fragments


  • At the launch of the Lightfall expansion, some Strand Fragments had restrictions preventing players from purchasing them. On March 2, 2023, Bungie announced that these restrictions would be removed, allowing all Strand Fragments to be purchased immediately after unlocking the subclass.[1] They became available later that day.[2] The original restrictions were as follows:


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