Flared Magwell

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Flared Magwell
Flared magwell icon1.png
Type Magazines
Stability 5
Reload Speed 15
Description Optimized for fast reloading. Slightly increases stability. Greatly increases reload speed.
Auto Rifles Origin Story, Ros Lysis II, Yellowjacket-3AU, Cydonia-AR1, Valakadyn, Null Calamity 9, Medley-45
Hand Cannons Lamia HC2, Imset HC4, Better Devils, Minuet-42, Guseva-C, Bad News, The Steady Hand
Pulse Rifles Last Perdition, Argona PR2, Agenda 5, Three Graves
Scout Rifles Nameless Midnight, Sonata-48, Tone Patrol, Pleiades Corrector, Adverse Possession IX, Metronome-52
Sidearms Vertical Orbit QSm, Eulogy SI4
Submachine Guns Foggy Notion, Sol Pariah 6
Shotguns Fussed Dark Mk.21, DED Acumen II, Deadpan Delivery, Baligant, Perfect Paradox, Quitclaim Shotgun III, The Deicide
Sniper Rifles Gentleman Vagabond, Persuader, Copperhead-4sn, Maxim XI, The Domino, Distant Tumulus

Flared Magwell is a Magazine Perk.

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