Captain's Coin

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Captain's Coin
Captain's Coin icon.jpg
Name Captain's Coin
Season 18
Type Material
Rarity Legendary
Description Captain's Coins are used as donations toward improvements in the Eliksni Quarter and can be exchanged at the Donations Chest in the Tower Courtyard.

Captain's Coins can be earned by completing Ketchcrash and Expedition activities, opening chests, and completing Lost Sectors during Season of Plunder.
Vendor Donations Chest

Captain's Coin is a Material from the Season of Plunder, introduced as part of the Eliksni Quarter community event. It has a maximum capacity of 9,999.


Captain's Coins are rewarded from the following sources while the event is active:


Drop Counts by Activity

Source Coins Rewarded
King's Fall: Oryx encounter 100
Strikes (Master Nightfall) 85
King's Fall: Daughters encounter 85
King's Fall: Golgoroth encounter 70
Dares of Eternity (with Lightning Round) 56
Expedition 50
Ketchcrash 50
King's Fall: Warpriest encounter 50
Crucible (Control playlist) 35
Dares of Eternity (normal completion) 35
Gambit 35
King's Fall: Totems encounter 35
Strikes (Vanguard Ops playlist) 25
Lost Sectors 14
Heroic Public Events 10
Destination chests 3



Captain's Coins can be donated to the Donations Chest in the Tower while the event is active.

With Eliksni Quarter Community Goal IV icon.jpg Community Goal IV: Recruits unlocked, Eliksni Quarter Gift Box icon.png Eliksni Quarter Gift Boxes can be purchased from the Donations Chest in exchange for a donation of 1,000 Captain's Coins each.


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