Treasure Coordinates

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Treasure Coordinates
Treasure Coordinates icon.jpg
Name Treasure Coordinates
Season 18
Type Material
Rarity Rare
Description Combine with Map Fragments to complete Treasure Maps in the Captain's Atlas.

Treasure Coordinates are earned by completing strikes, Crucible, Gambit, and other activities.

Treasure Coordinates are a material from the Season of Plunder. They have a maximum stack size of 325.


  • Rewarded for completing strikes, Crucible matches, Gambit matches, and other activities.
  • 50 are rewarded for reaching Rank 7 with the Star Chart after resetting at least once.


The following Pirate Crew upgrades (unlocked at the Star Chart with Repute icon.jpg Repute) can affect the acquisition of Treasure Coordinates:

  • Plunder Navigator Upgrade icon.jpg Hire Halsiks the Sniper: Summon Halsiks the Sniper crewmate from his pirate banner during Ketchcrash and Expedition missions. Halsiks grants you slightly increased precision damage while he's in combat.
    • Also unlocks the ability to occasionally find Treasure Coordinates on defeated combatants.
  • Plunder Navigator Upgrade icon.jpg Under One Banner: Earn bonus Treasure Coordinates by completing ritual activities with other Guardians who have Season of Plunder access.


Treasure Coordinates are combined with Map Fragments icon.jpg Map Fragments in the Captain's Atlas icon.jpg Captain's Atlas to restore Treasure Maps, allowing players to dig up buried treasure at the end of an Expedition activity.