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Repute icon.jpg
Name Repute
Season 18
Type Material
Rarity Legendary
Description Used to upgrade your pirate skills at the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.

Earned by completing specific Season of Plunder Seasonal Challenges.
Vendor Star Chart

Repute is an upgrade material from the Season of Plunder.


1 Repute is rewarded for completing each of the following Season of Plunder Seasonal Challenges. 21 can be collected in total. These challenges are available during the Season of the Seraph.

  • Successful Expedition
  • Antiquarian I
  • Antiquarian II
  • Expert Expedition I
  • Antiquarian III
  • Ketchcrasher I
  • Antiquarian IV
  • Freebooter I
  • Antiquarian V
  • Seeker's Cache II
  • Antiquarian VI
  • Raise a Glass
  • Antiquarian VII
  • Shaper II
  • Antiquarian VIII
  • Sextant Navigation II
  • Expert Expedition III
  • Seeker's Cache III
  • Freebooter II
  • Shaper III
  • Thunderlight


Repute is used to unlock Pirate Crew upgrades at the Star Chart in the H.E.L.M.