Map Fragments

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Map Fragments
Map Fragments icon.jpg
Name Map Fragments
Season 18
Type Material
Rarity Rare
Description Combine with Treasure Coordinates to complete Treasure Maps in the Captain's Atlas.

Map Fragments are earned by completing Ketchcrash activities.

Map Fragments are a material from the Season of Plunder. They have a maximum stack size of 50.


  • Rewarded for completing Ketchcrash activities.
  • 5 are rewarded for reaching Rank 13 with the Star Chart before resetting once.
  • 5 are rewarded for reaching Rank 4 with the Star Chart after resetting at least once.


Map Fragments are combined with Treasure Coordinates icon.jpg Treasure Coordinates in the Captain's Atlas icon.jpg Captain's Atlas to restore Treasure Maps, allowing players to dig up buried treasure at the end of an Expedition activity.