Polarized Fractaline

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Polarized Fractaline
Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg
Name Polarized Fractaline
Season 9
Type Seasonal Currency
Rarity Legendary
Description Crystalline structures formed as a byproduct of the space-time continuum being disrupted. Used in exchange for timelost weapon frames and increasing an obelisk's Resonance Rank during Season 9.
Vendor Sundial Obelisk

The Polarized Fractaline is a Seasonal Currency in the Season of Dawn.


Polarized Fractaline can be obtained in three types of stacks:

  • Minor Fractaline Harvest — A small amount of Polarized Fractaline. Contains 10 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Moderate Fractaline Harvest — A moderate amount of Polarized Fractaline. Contains 50 Polarized Fractaline.
  • Major Fractaline Harvest — A substantial amount of Polarized Fractaline. Contains 100 Polarized Fractaline.


This item can be obtained randomly upon completing strikes, Crucible and Gambit matches and the Sundial runs.

Polarized Fractaline is also given to the players for completing Season of Dawn triumphs, and comes as a reward for Saint-14 bounties. It is also generated weekly by the Tower Obelisk during the Empyrean Foundation.


This currency is used to increase the Resonance Rank with the four Sundial Obelisks located on destinations, and to buy Timelost Weapon Bounties. It takes 200 Polarized Fractaline to reach a new Resonance Rank, and each bounty costs 10 Polarized Fractaline.

It can also be donated to the Tower Obelisk during the Empyrean Foundation.