Empyrean Foundation

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Help Saint-14 prepare for the future.

Empyrean Foundation is a special event that concludes the Season of Dawn. It began on February 4, 2020.


To be able to participate in this event, the player has to pick up the Bright Future quest from Saint-14. By completing it, they join the restoration effort.

The player can donate their Polarized Fractaline to aid in the Empyrean Restoration effort. Making a single donation progresses all Timelost Bounties held by a character by 25%. Donating 5000 Fractaline rewards the player with a triumph and the Restorative Light Emblem. Completing all stages of the Empyrean Restoration rewards all players with the Lighthouse Sun Shader.

Each week the Tower Obelisk generates Polarized Fractaline for the players. The amount a person receives equals the Obelisk's Resonance Power, which is increased by 100 for every Resonance Rank of each of the Sundial Obelisks.

The players can invest their Fractaline into destination Obelisks to increase their weekly Fractaline gains, or they can also buy Light-Fused Fractaline from the Tower Obelisk, which can be turned in to a Sundial Obelisk to immediately rank it up and receive a Timelost Engram.

With the completion of stage 7, the players can now interact with the Tower Obelisk to see a cutscene where their character uses The Lantern of Osiris to rekindle a Lighthouse on Mercury. The triumph and shader are given to players after the cutscene.


The Empyrean Foundation event has seven stages, and each requires the players to donate increasing amounts of Polarized Fractaline. The community's progress can be tracked in the Crucible Director and with the hologram at the Tower Obelisk. The next stage requirements are revealed when the players complete the preceding one.

  1. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 400,000,000 — completed on February 5, 2020;
  2. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 700,000,000 — completed on February 5, 2020;
  3. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 1,200,000,000 — completed on February 6, 2020;
  4. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 2,200,000,000 — completed on February 10, 2020;
  5. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 3,000,000,000 — completed on February 12, 2020;
  6. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 6,000,000,000 — completed on February 19, 2020;
  7. Polarized Fractaline icon.jpg 9,777,777,000 — completed on February 26, 2020.


  • The Empyrean Foundation has its location listed as the "Caloris Spires, Mercury" in the Crucible Director.