The Tower Obelisk

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The Tower Obelisk
The Tower Obelisk npc.png
Name The Tower Obelisk
Title Nexus Link
Location The Tower
Description The nexus point for all obelisks. Allows the Vanguard to monitor temporal events from the Tower while generating energy for some yet unknown purpose.

The Tower Obelisk is a Sundial Obelisk and a vendor in the Season of Dawn.


The Tower Obelisk can be found in the Tower Courtyard. It is unlocked during the Cornerstone quest.



This Obelisk allows the players to link other Obelisks to the Sundial without visiting them separately, and offers those Obelisks' bounties. However, the player has to complete a quest to link each Obelisk to this one.


Visit each Obelisk's respective page for a list of bounties offered by them. This page lists bounties exclusive to the Tower Obelisk.

Perfect Paradox

Trophy Hunter

Pyroclastic Flow