Obelisk: Tangled Shore

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Obelisk: Tangled Shore
Tangled Shore Obelisk npc.png
Name Obelisk: Tangled Shore
Title Sundial Obelisk
Location Tangled Shore
Description Countless unclear futures reverberate through your mind as you approach the obelisk. Strengthen the obelisk's bond to the Sundial by increasing its Resonance Rank.

Obelisk: Tangled Shore is a Sundial Obelisk and a vendor in the Season of Dawn.


The Tangled Shore Obelisk can be found in the Tangled Shore, directly next to the Thieves' Landing landing zone.

This Obelisk is unlocked during the A Matter of Time quest.


This Obelisk offers two weekly bounties and three random bounties for certain Timelost Weapons.

Weekly Bounties

Timelost Weapon Bounties

Steelfeather Repeater

Black Scorpion-4sr



Obelisk Enhancements

Dawn Armor Mods