Season 9 Quests

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A Display of PowerStronger together icon1.jpgLegendary2No Quarter
5 Crucible Prestige
Lord Shaxx
A Guardian's Duty (Season 9)A Guardian's Duty icon.jpgLegendary4Saint-14's bounties
A Matter of TimeDetached from time icon1.jpgLegendary11Ikora Rey
A Moment In TimeA lost relic icon1.jpgExotic2Devil's RuinThe Sundial
An Impossible TaskAn Impossible Task icon.jpgLegendary6
Anything That MovesShoot fast, tread lightly icon1.jpgLegendary2BuzzardCommander Zavala
Bright FutureTraverse the Corridors of Time icon.jpgLegendary5Empyrean Foundation
Completing an Impossible TaskReturn to osiris icon1.jpgLegendary9Osiris
CornerstoneCornerstone icon.jpgLegendary5The Tower Obelisk
Dawning DutyDawning duty icon1.pngUnknown2
Delivery: Amanda and BenedictDelivery amanda and benedict icon1.pngExotic1Eva Levante
Delivery: Drifter and VanceDelivery drifter and vance icon1.jpgExotic1Alpine DashEva Levante
Delivery: Eris and CalusDelivery eris and calus icon1.pngExotic1Eva Levante
Delivery: Saint-14 and SpiderDelivery saint-14 and spider icon1.pngExotic1Eva Levante
EDZ: Obelisk AttunementEDZ Obelisk Attunement icon.jpgLegendary5Obelisk: EDZOsiris
EDZ: SynchronizationEDZ Synchronization icon.jpgLegendary2The Tower Obelisk
Get CloserSpitting distance icon2.jpgLegendary2PythonThe Drifter
Green With EnvyTear it up icon1.jpgLegendary2Team Player
5 Gambit Jadestone
The Drifter
Heart of the DragonFire breather icon1.jpgLegendary2Komodo-4FRLord Shaxx
Honor BoundDuty driven icon1.jpgLegendary2Tactician
5 Vanguard Nightbeam
Commander Zavala
Iron Banner: Season 9Light the fires icon1.jpgLegendary6Lord Saladin
Keeping TimeContaining the anomaly icon1.jpgLegendary5Major Fractaline HarvestOsiris
Mars: Obelisk AttunementMars Obelisk Attunement icon.jpgLegendary5Obelisk: MarsOsiris
Mars: SynchronizationMars Synchronization icon.jpgLegendary2The Tower Obelisk
MementoMemento icon.jpgExotic9BastionSaint-14
Nessus: Obelisk AttunementNessus Obelisk Attunement icon.jpgLegendary5Obelisk: NessusOsiris
Nessus: SynchronizationNessus Synchronization icon.jpgLegendary2The Tower Obelisk
Recovering the PastPhased through time icon1.jpgLegendary6Osiris
Symmetry RemasteredNew enhancements icon1.jpgExotic3Symmetry CatalystBanshee-44
Tangled Shore: SynchronizationTangled Shore Synchronization icon.jpgLegendary2The Tower Obelisk
Traverse the Corridors of TimeTraverse the Corridors of Time icon.jpgLegendary2Chronometric Weapon Core
Tribute to the ColoniesTribute to the Colonies icon.jpgLegendary8

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