Movement Abilities

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Stay mobile, stay lethal.
Grow Your Light description

Movement Abilities are abilities that affect the player's mid-air jump.


If the player jumps while in mid-air, they will activate their equipped movement ability. Movement abilities allow players to gain additional height or cross greater distances while jumping. Movement abilities usually have a limited duration or number of uses, which are refreshed upon landing on the ground. Each class has their own movement ability:

  • Titans have a Lift that launches them higher;
  • Hunters can Jump a second or third time before landing;
  • Warlocks can Glide through the air.

Each class has three options that alter how their movement ability controls, available on all subclasses. Some subclasses have additional movement ability options.

Titan crest 2.png Titan Movement Abilities

Hunter crest2.png Hunter Movement Abilities

Warlock crest2.png Warlock Movement Abilities