Iron Truage Warlock Armor Set

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Iron Truage Warlock Armor Set
Iron truage hood icon1.jpg Iron truage vestments icon1.jpg Iron truage gloves icon1.jpg Iron truage legs icon1.jpg Timurs iron bond icon1.jpg
Year 1
Type Faction Armor
Class Warlock
Rarity Legendary
Faction Iron Banner
Helmet Iron Truage Hood
Chest Armor Iron Truage Vestments
Gauntlets Iron Truage Gloves
Leg Armor Iron Truage Legs
Class Item Timur's Iron Bond
Intrinsic Perk Heavy Warlock Armor
Set Property Additional Resilience at the cost of Mobility
How to Obtain
Vendor Lord Saladin
Vendor Location The Tower
Engrams Iron Engram
Activities Iron Banner
Iron Truage Warlock Armor Set is a Heavy Warlock Armor Set. Additional visual customization available through Armor Ornaments.

Set Pieces

Armor Name Armor Type Mobility Resilience Recovery
Iron Truage Hood Helmet - - -
Iron Truage Vestments Chest Armor - - -
Iron Truage Gloves Gauntlets - - -
Iron Truage Legs Leg Armor - - -
Timur's Iron Bond Warlock Bond - - -

Ornament Set

Iron Truage Warlock Armor Set has an ornament set, the Iron Pledge Warlock Ornament Set, which was added in Curse of Osiris.


  • Masterwork Armor versions of stat-granting armor pieces may have altered stat distributions if they do not possess their original Intrinsics.


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